Eliminate Back Pain With A Stand Up Computer Desk And Other Small Changes

Doing just one thing differently can eliminate your back pain — or at least make a positive difference that will allow you to live in less pain and with great productivity and ease. Could changing to a stand-up computer desk be all that’s necessary to make a dramatic change in your life?

It’s one of many small changes you can make that will make a difference. You see, the well-meaning people of generations past got a lot of things wrong, and the idea of sitting in a comfy chair at a desk all day long may have been one of them. But you can choose a different path. Here are five simple changes you can make around the office that will make you feel better at work and at home:

1. Change to a standing desk. Push aside your office chair and change to a standing desk. This simple change will cause you to move around more and keep the blood flowing. Like liniments and a soothing massage, this way of getting blood flowing can make you feel better very quickly.

2. Change to an ergonomic chair. You won’t want to stand all day long, so change to a new kind of chair when sitting down at work. This could be a saddle chair or an exercise ball chair — or simply a better, more comfortable regular office chair.

3. Assign different tasks to different spaces. If you have room, assign different places in your office for different tasks, then you’ll have to keep moving to make sure you get everything done. Variety is a big help in decreasing pain.

4. Take a walk at lunch. You need to get moving, so rest on your other breaks, but include a walk at lunch. If that’s not possible, consider working out at a nearby gym or at least moving around and exercising as much as possible in your workspace during your lunch break. Movement eliminates pooled blood that causes pain — and has other positive impacts too.

5. Accept every opportunity for variety. If your work allows for some variety or offers special projects, accept as many as you can. Become your floor’s fire captain so you get some variety of movement when doing drills. Or help with a big organizational or rearranging project. Go on office supply runs or outside meetings. Do whatever you can to get away from the same old places and rest your back, eyes and more.

When you follow these tips and always seek variety and movement, you can have less pain than you ever imagined and a better workday than you ever thought possible.

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