Is Arrid Extra Dry Clear Gel Deodorant Discontinued? (With Update!)

If you have been a regular user of Arrid Extra Dry Clear Gel deodorant, you may have noticed that it’s no longer available in stores near you. Is this deodorant discontinued? Can you still get it online? Here are the answers you need — or as close as I can come to them.

(Wait! Be sure to read the important update at the end of this article. It’s good news.)

In late 2012, Arrid Extra Dry Clear Gel deodorant disappeared from the shelves at the Walmart stores near my home. I checked Target, Walgreens, CVS and even some grocery stores, but this product seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth.

Soon, I noticed that many stores were completely rearranging the way they display deodorant — and many antiperspirant and deodorant products were out of stock, leaving shelves a mess at almost every store I checked.

What could have happened? Was there a massive recall or some kind of production problem? An Internet search for news items didn’t turn up anything written recently about deodorants — except Unilever’s decision to decrease the size of their products and charge the same price. That probably accounts for the redesign of deodorant racks.

I sent an email to the customer service address found on the website, where the product is supposedly still for sale. I also emailed the parent company’s media relations department telling them I would be writing about the issue. Neither of my efforts got a response.

Arriving At An Answer

When the people with answers won’t return emails, there’s another way to gather information: from anecdotal evidence. I know that Arrid Extra Dry Clear Gel isn’t available in North Texas. I’ve seen reports on Amazon product reviews and in Internet searches indicating that the product is no longer available in other cities.

I’ve even seen quantities and offering on Amazon dwindle. I can only reach one conclusion: Arrid Extra Dry Clear Gel has been discontinued. (I’m opening comments on this page, so please offer your comments below if you can contradict this information.)

It’s frustrating when a product you have used for years is no longer available, but fortunately there are many other clear gels deodorants on the market. Most are more expensive, but they’re available in stores and online, so you’ll be able to find a suitable replacement. I’m starting with an Almay hypoallergenic product I found at Walmart for about the same price as the Arrid product.

Finding Remaining Supplies And Alternatives

Some websites are still offering the discontinued Arrid deodorant for sale online. In fact, the product is still for sale on Amazon apparently some supplies remaining. There’s no way to be certain you’ll actually get the product if you order it, however. If you try, remember to deal only with a reputable source like Amazon in case you need a refund.

If you’re lucky, you’ll find some. As time moves along, however, it will certainly become impossible to find.

There are some other clear gels on the market, and most have the same active ingredients as the Arrid product, so they should work similarly. It’s also important to note that most solids have the same ingredient as the gels, so they should work for you too. If you’re worried about staining, it’s the ingredient that causes the stains, and you probably already know that the gels cause yellow staining of cloth just as the solids do.

It’s also interesting how many articles I found during my research that promote homemade deodorants — or not using any at all. Maybe this is a good time to go a few days without any to see if you really need it.

Important Update

While Arrid Extra Dry Clear Gel was unavailable for many months, it’s available online from Amazon now. While you still can’t find it at most discount chains or drugstores, this six-pack available on Amazon (affiliate link) is a good value. It promises an improved formula, and the product still works great. It also still doesn’t leave a white residue and lasts at least 24 hours on most people — making this a bargain at any price. Fortunately, it’s actually at quite a good price.

When you click the link, you’ll also see on the page similar offers on other scents and other quantities.

I’m very pleased to report that this product is available again if you don’t mind purchasing it online. Cick here to visit Amazon and see this special six-pack Arrid Extra Dry Clear Gel offer.

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  1. my girlfriend has run into the same problem in Denver.
    The walmarts there no longer carry it and she has been having trouble finding it in stores in the area

  2. What in the world ?Why is such a good product not on the Market anymore!!!!!!!!

  3. That’s a good question — and one I haven’t been able to get the company to answer. But the substitutes I recommend are good products too, fortunately.

  4. I have the see thing happen in Florida. Why would they take something off the market that sells? Doesn’t sound like a very smart business decision. If they are resizing, why not keep producing original until new one was ready for distribution. If it is about sales price for quantity, why not just raise the price and save on all the re-tooling costs and loss of revenue in the meantime?
    Not a very good business move. I guess it’s time to find something new to use. I don’t see going without as an option.

  5. This doesn’t make sense to me either, and there was no public announcement. It looks like the company would want to refer us to another of their products instead of leaving is to fend for ourselves.

  6. I have searched for the last 2 years for Arrid, my husbands all time deodorant for years. I cannot understand why this product was discontinues. I even have a hard time finding other gel deodorant. So this morning I am heading out to buy another brand. His last was Mitchum and I will never buy that one again. I had to use his when we were on a short trip and I had forgotten mine. Mitchum was just plain sticky and hubby agreed with me. What to do? I need a clean smelling gel that is not a mess. Hes won’t use a solid because he says it goos up his underarm hair.

  7. All of the replacement brands I’ve tried are sticky. And that’s something we just have to live with, I think. I won’t use solids either.

  8. Actually there are two stores carrying the Fresh Shower Arid in Sherman, Tx. But you are right about Walmart, they only carry two of the aerosol fragrances of Arid here now. Unfortunately I am unable to use any aerosol products without turning into Freddy Kreuger. It is very frustrating, but I have been able to get Arid gel from and a few other web dealers.

  9. It is not discontinued. I buy it all the time, both in Florida and Wisconsin. I find it at Walgreens, in stock, and often on a good sale so I stock up. It is also listed on their website and can be bought on amazon, walmart, walgreens and They all have it stock. No need to find another one.

  10. It could be old stock being sold off. I’ve had reports of Internet orders being fulfilled with other similar products, so I don’t recommend that route. At last check, it is not on the company’s website anymore. It’s possible that it will return, but for now I and the other commenters must conclude that it is no longer available.

  11. Yes, Walmart no longer carries it. However, I live in Phoenix, Arizona and have found it at the Fry’s grocery store. This chain is also called Kroger in other states. Walgreens Drugstores also carry it.

  12. I have tried alternatives to arrid gels but others are sticky and make me itch. Arrid is the only one that does not cause itching.

  13. I had the same issue, but found the deodorant on It’s actually cheaper and I buy 10 at a time.

  14. iam looking for arid cream deodorant can not find I live in hampstead md 21074 all the stores around here don’t have it anymore can you tell me why my family has been using it for over 35 years nothings else works for us only the cream thank you connie ford

  15. I suspected they were dropping the gel when Walmart and our Walgreens stopped carrying it. It looks like even local grocery stores
    are moving their stock to the clearance rack. So I am buying up all I find. Not sure how long it will last sitting in my bathroom closet but at $3.15 each it’s not a huge amount to lose if some goes bad in a few years! I agree the other brands make me itch.

  16. My husband and I have been using this product for many many years. We don’t want change. Why would they take a good product off shelves when people want this and is in demand I am in Pgh. Pa. Area and if there is somewhere I can buy this please let me know. I hope they will reconsider not terminating this product it is the best gel. Let’s get with it arrid and keep a product that so many people want.

  17. Had been looking for some time now. Amazon will fill the need…buy I g a 6 pack or a 10 pack will be the norm unless these brick and mortar stores demand it from the manufacturer. 15 years of using this product and it’s gone like the Pontiacs, Oldsmobile and Ame r u can Motors Autos. Gone but nothe forgotten.

  18. Thank you for your research! I am finding that just about all of my usual products are being discontinued as of late! Very upsetting! I will be searching your site for news on Wisk Detergent as well.

  19. I’m looking for arid cream deodorant and can’t find it either. No wonder retail stores are closing everyone is forced to buy online

  20. The only stores that I have been able to find it at are the Kroger grocery stores.

  21. I am another customer that loves arid deodorant in the glide gel form. It is a shame that whenever a good product is out there they seem to cancel it.

  22. It’s the same in the U.K. Too!! I’ve used the deodorants for years and years and now struggle to get them… they’re not in any supermarkets anymore… I haven’t been able to get the cream deodorant for about 7 years..I can only get the spa fresh/sensitive now and again and when I see it I buy it in bulk. It’s so annoying.
    I can’t find anything else half as good that is right for me.

  23. Is there something in xxdry arris gel that has been pave to cause cancer? I have’t heard any such news, just asking. I have used arris xx dry gel for years and it was the best !!! So why discontinue such an effective product?

  24. I live in Las Vegas NV & had been using Arrid clear gel deodorant for almost 20 yrs then almost a year ago I couldn’t find it!!! I found 6 at Family Dollar & bought all of them, kept them in the fridge where they were fine!! Now I haven’t been able to find it at any store in The Vegas Area !! I don’t understand why I can only get it on line ??? What’s up with that ??????

  25. I think we all loved the products but I think there is something that they don’t want uou to know. I read one article that said that the aluminum in the product is causing alzheimer disease. So are we safer without the products. I really hope so. I found that Toms of Maine works fine without the chemicals contained in other products.

  26. I miss the Arrid deodorant gel as this is the only deodorant I am NOT allergic to.
    I have found some at my grocery store – Kroger.

  27. I am surprised I did t come across this post back when I was experiencing the same problem finding the Arrid gel deodorant. I stocked up at one point when I found some, only to have them lose their viscosity & turn watery. I don’t get how the marketing of certain products works – but they must have decided that sales were dropping off and they didn’t want to spend money to advertise (or pay for shelf space at large retailers), so they kllled it. Sucks, though. I haven’t found a suitable substitute and even the solids are disappearing now.

  28. I found the above products back on the shelf at a Kroger owned Fred Meyer store in Beaverton OR??

  29. Arriid cream deodorant
    What happened
    Used it for years
    What happened
    Where is it?

  30. I have tried to find Arrid Extra Dry Cream Deodorant everywhere but it is off the market Amazon carries it but a three pack is $79.00. I have never paid more than $12.00 for three of the deodorants. Why is it so expensive. Does it have dangerous ingredients in the product?? I have been using it for about 10 years. Also, why is the price so high and the only place you can buy it is on Amazon. This is not a good marketing tactic. I would imagine the only reason it is selling for so much is a way to wangle the price and make more money to take advantage of the customer. I will not pay the price. I would appreciate an honest answer to my questions. Especially the one about unsafe ingredients in the product. I also use many of your other products. If this is a tactic to take advantage of customers, I will probably reconsider using other products made by your company On the disclosure at the bottom of this page, I hope it does not mean that you make money with an advertising program from me. Please clarify.

  31. Here in Decatur, Illinois, you can’t find Arrid anymore. Infact there are only a few brands that you can find at all the major stores. Walmart, Target, Walgreens. They are the same old ones. There are some Clinical ones that are like the Arrid gel, but are expensive depending on where you buy them. I hadn’t thought to look at Kroger. But I noticed sometime last year that Arrid wasn’t in any of the stores. I thought they were just out of them at first, then noticed they were never on the shelves anymore. I usually change deodorants every three or four months as they seem to stop working. I then go back and forth with them. It works. Now I am looking for something similar other than Degree or Secrets.

  32. What has failed to be acknowledged is that after an entire lifetime of one’s body being accustomed to this product, switching to the roll on is causing a rash and I can’t be the only one

  33. Re: Arrid Extra Dry Cream Deodorant
    It’s crazy I thought other cities had it and why is the only person that have it is Amazon. Where are they buying it from. My husband is allergic to all the other deodorants he has had a rash for weeks trying to use different brands. The Arrid stick does not work only the cream. This is ridiculous that they would get rid of a good product. Very stupid!

  34. I can not believe that a great product has gone extinct. I did find the spray ( which hurts the environment) , I prefer the gel.
    Please Arrid bring back your product.

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