Where Can I Buy Tinted Glasses for Computer Use?

If you’re looking for anti-glare or tinted glasses for computer use, you can find exactly what you want online, and you have two choices of ways to do it.

Glasses for computer use come in all shapes and sizes, and some types work better for some people than others. Still, there are a few choices that seem to work well for people no matter what kind of computer-related eye problems trouble them.

Here’s a look at a couple of popular models of anti-glare and tinted computer glasses, then I’ll tell you where you can get exactly what you want if none of the models mentioned here appeal to you.

Computer Glasses Online

Surprisingly, the best selection of computer glasses I’ve found online is available from Amazon. This online marketplace that was once known only for books is now the best place to buy a wide variety of products.

It’s important to choose tinted glasses that are made specifically for computer use and work for contact lens wearers or those with 20/20 vision who still experience eye strain or other computer vision syndrome symptoms.

You’ll also want to try to find something that fits your style — whether that’s conservative, high-tech or modern.

Gamma Ray Optics makes one popular choice, available from Amazon. Gamma Ray Computer Glasses in Ergonomic Memory Flex Frame with UV Protection may have a long name, but they’re a simple product at a good price that seems to do the trick nicely for many people. Just have a look at their overwhelmingly positive reviews on Amazon.

Ordering Custom Glasses Online

If none of the models of computer glasses available from Amazon appeal to you, you can get a great deal on custom-made glasses in whatever style you like from Zenni Optical — even if you don’t have a prescription. You can choose from a variety of tint levels and add an anti-reflective coating too.

Zenni Optical is the best online glasses store I know of. You can get a complete pair of single-vision prescription glasses for $6.95. It’s a bit more to add the anti-reflective coating that cuts down on monitor glare and also a little more for the tinting you want. You can upgrade to more expensive frames, but you’ll be surprised how many choices are available at the $6.95 price. (I won’t be offended if you stop reading and visit Zenni Optical now.

Glasses under $20. Save Now at Zenni Optical!

If you need low power reading glasses, I’ve written a Zenni Optical review with step-by-step instructions for ordering readers.

For prescription glasses, simply visit the site, choose your frames from the thousands available, then enter the details from your prescription. The only thing you may not know is your PD — the distance between the centers of your eyes — but you can measure that yourself, have one of those mall eyeglass places do it for you or just enter 63, the most common number. For most prescriptions, this number doesn’t matter much anyway.

You’ll Find What You Want

If you want to buy tinted glasses for computer use, you can find exactly what you want online. While Amazon has some great choices, Zenni Optical can make you exactly what you want in your prescription.

I’ve been using low-power anti-glare readers for a couple of years now, and my computer vision syndrome and dry eyes problems have gotten much better. I’m back to working for hours at a time at the monitor, often with no pain or eye strain. And I can see everything clearly.

Locating the right glasses for computer use can make a huge difference in your life too.

Click here to see the great price of the Gamma Ray tinted glasses for computer use at Amazon, the site where I now buy just about everything.

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