Bag Balm Uses: 8 Ways This Product Can Help You

Why settle for a knockoff product when the original Bag Balm is now easier to find than ever before? You may not always find it in the discount store where you usually shop and even some drugstores don’t bother to stock it, but don’t let that force you to choose a different product. And don’t think Bag Balm is meant for women. Anyone can use it, and there are dozens of great uses for Bag Balm for men.

Take note that I’m not a medical doctor and don’t offer medical advice. Also, take note that this product doesn’t say on the packaging what it’s good for — although the cute metal can explains more than it did in the past. But I’ve had some skin problems, and most have cleared up with Bag Balm.

With those things in mind, here are 8 smart ways you can use Bag Balm — available from Amazon — to make a real difference in your life:

1. Scaly eyelids. I first bought this product because I couldn’t find anything to cure the scaly eyelid condition I had from rubbing my eyes too much. I have chronic dry eye and had to learn to stop rubbing them so much. But even after I stopped, the problem with my eyelids didn’t clear up. I bought this stuff and used it very judiciously because it can sting if it gets in your eyes. It cleared up the problem in a matter of days.

2. Mild facial irritation. I usually prefer stubble to shaving, but either way I get bumps and other minor facial irritation caused by ingrown hairs. When used very lightly, this can eliminate bumps. Apply it only to problem areas because it can feel very greasy if you use a lot of it. Even the best razor or the best stubble trimmer doesn’t keep me from getting bumps, but Bag Balm helps me clear them up.

3. Hemorrhoids. I’m hesitant to mention this product as a Preparation H alternative, but it works for me. I’ve never heard of anyone else using it for that purpose, but it clears up itching and that weird puffy feeling that you get from hemorrhoids. I don’t know if it would work for extreme cases, but if all you have is itching and weirdness, it might work for you.

4. Psoriasis or eczema. Men and women alike are using Bag Balm around the world for these skin conditions. I don’t have a recurring problem, but I did have a flare-up of a rash on my wrist that this product helped me get rid of. Since psoriasis seems to run in my family, I’m always trying to make sure I clear up minor problems before they get too bad. I’m a little afraid that this condition could be in my future, so I try to keep my skin healthy.

5. Dry elbows and heels. Every guy has dry elbows or heels sometimes — whether from working outside, the chlorine in the pool or simply from a dry climate. I rarely have this problem, but when I do, I turn to Bag Balm and haven’t been disappointed. It’s as good for this as it is for everything else I’ve tried it on.

6. Severely dry hands. This product is too greasy to use on your hands all the time, but if they’re severely dry — that happens a lot here in the winter — a good slathering of Bag Balm will do the trick. Just one application should be enough to last you all day, and you may have to use a cloth to towel off the excess. After a few minutes, you can use soap to wash off any residue and the positive effect seems to remain.

7. Chapped lips. I use this stuff every morning on my lips when getting out of the shower. When I’m away or out of the house I use Chapstick because it’s easily portable, but it can need reapplying in only an hour or two. One application of this stuff seems to help chapped lips all day long.

8. Scrapes and small injuries. Rather than reaching for antibiotic ointment, I use this for small scrapes, burns and other injuries where the skin is just barely broken — like a cat scratch. I could just use the ointment, but since I have this around I use it most of the time instead. It’s cheaper, applies just as easily and does the job.

Even More Uses For Bag Balm

Bag Balm was developed for use on cows, and it works great on other animals with clipper burn, small injuries or rashes. Also, many people use it for diaper rash on babies. If you ask around, you’ll probably find people using it for all kinds of other things too.

In short, any mammal with any skin complaint might benefit from Bag Balm. Since it doesn’t have anything harmful in it, you might as well give it a try.

I have heard of some people being allergic to this stuff, so test on a small uninjured area of your skin or the skin of whoever or whatever you’ll be using it on before using it on broken or scaly skin just to be safe.

I recommend this stuff, but I don’t know a lot about it. All I know is that someone recommended it to me, and I know that I have a lot of skin issues at times and Bag Balm clears most of them up quickly and inexpensively. It might do the same for you. Click here to see the affordable price of Bag Balm at Amazon.

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