Can You Get High Power Reading Glasses At Walmart?

If you’re looking for high power reading glasses, you may have to look around quite a bit if you want to buy them locally. These glasses for people with poor reading vision or who do close-up work aren’t usually something you can pick up at Walmart or at drugstores as you can with regular readers.

In fact, the best way to get high power reading glasses online is to order them from a company you trust. And I have two ideas for you.

First, you can search on Amazon. This works for many specialty items like high power readers, but they don’t always have them in stock. Still, this is my favorite way to order anything online, and it’s the first place I check for everything from non-prescription glasses to protein bars.

Second, you can order your high power reading glasses from a company that will allow you to have them special made to your specifications. This doesn’t take any longer than ordering a ready-made product, and you can choose what type of lens, coatings and frames you want.

I’ve ordered glasses several times from Zenni Optical, and I’ve learned several things in the process. One is that you don’t need a prescription to order from them, so you can order glasses with however much magnification you want — whether you’ve been to an eye doctor or not.

Another is that they have a very wide selection of glasses for around $7 a pair plus shipping. You can add special features like anti-glare coating and scratch resistance if you want and the glasses can still be delivered for less than $20 including the shipping charge.

High power reading glasses are a specialty item because there are relatively few people who use such a high magnification for reading, so it doesn’t make sense for a store like Walmart to stock them. They are also sometimes used by jewelers and crafters, but that still doesn’t make the pool of users large enough for retail stores to keep them in stock.

Fortunately, you can order high powered glasses online without any hassles and at a low price.

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