Best Straight Razor Is Affordable And A Big Step Up From Bargain Brands

If you follow the advice of some men’s style gurus, you could spend nearly $200 to get the best straight razor available — but that simply isn’t necessary. You can get a great straight razor for a very reasonable price when you choose carefully and learn from my experiences.

I have to admit that I like experimenting with my facial hair — wet shaving, dry shaving, stubble, beard, whatever — I’ve tried it all. But there’s a certain satisfaction that comes from shaving with a quality product. I’ve found that the best straight razor on the market is also my favorite way of shaving.

But which is best for you? And does it have any drawbacks? Keep reading for my thoughts on the tool that best allows you to handle one of the unique aspects of being a man, shaving your face.

Best Straight Razor Review

If you’re serious about shaving, the best straight razor for your money is the DOVO Silver Shavette Satin Finish Straight Razor — available from Amazon. Made in Germany of what appears to be high-quality metal, it’s a better alternative to cheap straight razors that are more likely to tear your skin than cut your beard and a sensible alternative to brands that cost $100 or more.

I’ve found there’s no reason to overspend just to get a quality product.

Multi-blade safety razors are a relatively new invention, and they come with all kinds of problems. Blades are cheaply made, dull and clog up because they are so many of them so close together. Plus, safety razors are expensive. Even the least expensive and lowest quality safety razors cost more than the simple flat-blade refills for this straight razor.

Some people are concerned about cutting themselves when using a single-blade razor like this one, but this best straight razor is designed to be easy and safe to use. As long as you hold the blade at the proper angle, you’ll be okay. Like with kitchen knives, you’re also more likely to cut yourself with a dull blade going out of control than with a sharp one doing what it’s supposed to do.

I want to address two issues some online reviewers have noted about this safety razor. The first is getting through airport security. In all cases, razors need to be put in your checked bags when possible. And you should always remove the blade and pack it separately and carefully so there’s no danger and no chance of your straight razor being used as a weapon by someone else.

Some reviewers have also said that this razor doesn’t fit blades they ordered with it or that they already had on hand. It comes with a red holder. If you aren’t familiar, that means only blades designed for the red holder will fit it. But don’t buy extra blades when you order. There’s no point investing in blades for a razor you haven’t examined and tried yet. You can order the correct blades once you’re used to using this.

For my money, this is the best straight razor because it’s so economical compared to other brands. While you might be able to find one for less, take a look at the reviews on those cheaper brands. They’re almost universally disliked for being too small, too flimsy or too dull to effectively cut through your hair without damaging your skin. I’ve tried the Parker shavette, and it isn’t nearly as good as this model from DOVO.

This best straight razor is available for just about the same price as two or three of those high-end disposable safety razors, and the replacement blades are inexpensive. So this model wins on economy hands down.

But there’s more to it than that. Shaving with a straight razor gives you an entirely different experience from using a plastic safety razor. This is a serious tool for a man who’s serious about shaving and about looking and feeling his best. You also feel a connection with generations of men who’ve come before when you use a sturdy and solid tool like this one.

Some Closing Thoughts

Sure, I like having a beard and even experimenting with a goatee or mustache. That’s the great thing about being a guy: when my mood or attitude changes, I can change my face by changing the way I deal with my facial hair.

When it’s time to shave, however, it makes sense to do it right. Plastic razors with four or five blades and bright colors are for beginners. Real men at least experiment with straight razors, and the best straight razor I’ve found after years of experimenting is the DOVO Silver Shavette.

Try it for yourself and you’ll see: it’s the best you’ll find, and you don’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of money to get it. Click here to see the affordable price of this straight razor on Amazon.

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