Powerful Air King Whole House Window Fan Vents Hot Air

A whole house fan is a great way to reduce the temperature and humidity inside your home without using an expensive-to-operate air conditioning system. The Air King 9166 20” Whole House Window Fan is one of the best choices on the market because it combines ease of installation and use with an affordable price and durable construction.

Before we get into this Air King whole house window fan review, I want to make sure you understand how these units work.

It’s simple really: They suck hot, humid air out of your home and replace it with cooler, drier air from outside.

If the air outside is warmer and more humid than the air in your home, whole house window fans don’t work very well. During seasons when there’s cool air outside at least in the mornings and evenings, however, these can be real money-savers that can dramatically increase the comfort of your home without using a lot of electric power.

Is The Air King 9166 20” Whole House Window Fan A Good Choice?

The AirKing 9166 20″ Whole House Window Fan— available from Amazon — is not your average small window fan. It’s a large window exhaust fan that powerfully moves hot air out and brings cooler air in. While it can be noisy at its highest speed, you may not need to run it on high anyway. The fan is powerful and effective even at low speed.

In fact, it exchanges the air so quickly that you may not need to run it for very long at any one time, further decreasing your power usage.

Previous versions of the Air King whole house window fan had plastic blades, but these became less and less efficient over time and sometimes warped or broke in extreme conditions. The Air King 9166 now features all-metal construction for the best possible performance over the longest possible lifespan.

You may notice some vibration at its highest setting, but installing weather-stripping or padding around the unit can greatly reduce the noise if you find it more than you like.

What’s even better, the current model of the Air King 9166 ships with an energy-efficient motor that is somewhat less powerful than older models but consumes much less electricity. Since these whole house exhaust fans are usually intended to reduce your cooling bill, this is a nice improvement.

If you stop at your local home center or search online for whole house window fans, you’ll likely find several inexpensive models with small blades and weak motors that simply won’t do the job to exhaust heat from your home. At the opposite end of the spectrum are high-priced powerful attic fans that require professional installation and often provide an uncomfortable level of suction.

The Air King 9166 20″ Whole-House Window Fan is a nice compromise between those useless smaller units and the costly, unpleasant and difficult-to-install industrial units.

Final Thoughts

It makes sense to exhaust hot, humid air even if you have an air conditioning system. The Air King 9166 whole house window fan is perhaps the best fan on the market for doing that job.

Since it’s also easy to install, more energy-efficient than ever and available for purchase now, there’s no reason to continue spending so much on air conditioning or to spend another night tossing and turning because your house is too hot.

I hope this Air King whole house window fan review is crystal clear: Get one, and you won’t be sorry. And if you order the unit from Amazon, you get a great price as well as free shipping in many cases, saving you money.

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