The Right Beard Scissors Make Grooming Easier

It’s amazing how much difference a good pair of beard scissors can make in my beard and my confidence.

When it’s time to give my beard and mustache a nice trim, I used to go into panic mode. I knew there was a chance that I would end up with a brutal look that didn’t represent my ideals or that would not be flattering for my face. I also knew that I might get some nicks and cuts. That sure didn’t make my wife want to get up close and personal.

And no one wants to pay the price for getting the job done at a barber shop — plus they get it wrong so often. You always want a nice, becoming look after you put your face in someone’s hands. You want to walk away with masculine appeal and a fresh face. That’s not asking too much. Truth be told, you take your chances when you stroll into a shop and park it in a chair. Man, talking about vulnerable.

While many men accept sub-par experiences at home or take their chances when they seek professional face care, it was never meant to be this way.

My Beard Scissors Review

I was probably just as hopeless at beard grooming as the next guy until I discovered some premium beard scissors that put the power in my hands. When I first tried Professional Moustache Scissors and Beard Trimming Scissors — available from Amazon — I knew I’d found my happy place. Not only are they extremely sharp, these 5-inch black trimmers have become my go-to choice for precision trims.

Like most men, I have some interesting contours and angles on my face. I needed scissors that could navigate these unique features without punishing my skin. I have that now.

I end up with a respectable, gentleman’s appearance, and my wife and even my children say I am kissably irresistible when I am done with my grooming routine. I know I’m in for some delicious smooch time from my wife and some face handling by my adorable daughters. I no longer feel like a prickly cactus or porcupine.

Hey, men are not meant to have quills. That’s a porcupine thing. In nature, that rough pointy exterior is meant to keep everything at arm’s distance. It’s the animal’s defense mechanism. As for me, a husband and father, I don’t want to deter affection. I live for it.

But I have to tell you that before I found these great beard scissors, my loved ones sometimes kept a safe distance — maybe because I did such a bad job of grooming. While I understood, I inwardly grieved that I had spent my hard-earned cash at the barber shop or a salon only to look ungroomed and feel prickly. The same thing applied when I used tools on the market to do it myself.

I guess we learn to accept substandard experiences if we don’t believe anything better is out there for us. I’m ashamed to admit that I was in a league of men who just rolled with it.

Any time I tried to find tools that I could use at home, it just made things worse. The corners were sharp and angular, and my face is not designed that way. The blade edges were also designed with this geometric dynamic that left a lot to be desired.

With my new find, I get rounded blade edges and corners. This is the type of scissors I would have designed were this my creation.

Not only is the quality and construction excellent, this piece of beard grooming equipment is easy to use. I don’t come away with nicks and cuts, so I need no backup plan for when things go awry. Things don’t go awry. Instead, I can put myself in front of the mirror and prepare myself for an outstanding experience and a handsome cut that is professional grade in ways beyond belief. I don’t even have irritated, scraped or lacerated skin after I’m done, so my face is neither sore nor troubled at the end of that trim.

When I need to shape my beard, the rounded edges and corners make this a breeze. When my neck needs to be touched up, I can achieve this and come out with a nice, clean look.

Final Thoughts On These Beard Scissors

Yes, we men are tough. Far be it from us to act wimpy when our skin gets mangled, or whine when our cut doesn’t match up to our expectations. Yet, many of us have suffered in silence. I waited for something like this, and I know my find is a true treasure.

When my wife held a garage sale a few months ago, I felt too guilty to place my old scissors onto the table for sale. I told her just to throw them away. I had to stress to her my before and after before she understood.

“Look at this face,” I told her. She remembered what I used to look like. After that, she just smiled, put her hands around my nicely groomed neck, inched in closer, patted my undamaged face and then kissed me. No tickles from wayward barbs of hair, no pricks from hairs standing up and sticking out – she got a delicious kiss that she enjoyed. I did too.

It was all because of my new beard scissors and the confidence that I now exude because I know I look good.

Click here to see the price and more details about these great beard scissors at Amazon, the place where I get most of my personal grooming supplies.

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