Best Stubble Trimmer From Conair Is Consistent, Adjustable And Affordable

Once you decide on a facial hair look you like, it would be great if you could maintain it every day. The best stubble trimmer, then, would be one that allows you to look the same every day without any hassles – and is versatile enough that you can adjust it to the new lengths and looks you want to try out.

Most of us look better with stubble than clean-shaven, but the marketplace hasn’t really kept up with the demand for high-quality stubble trimmers. Every company that sells male grooming products has come out with something, but most are less than impressive. If these cheap, rushed-to-market models cut at all, they cut inconsistently and have too few levels of adjustment to allow you to customize your look.

Conair, however, has created what I consider to be the best stubble trimmer on the market – and I’ll tell you a little about it.

Getting To Know The iStubble Trimmer

I can’t decide if the name is cute or stupid. But I use the Conair Man i-Stubble Ultimate Flexhead Trimmer – available from Amazon – every day. It’s not just another beard trimmer model that will also cut short enough for stubble. It’s a dedicated device designed for stubble, and that makes all the difference. The blades are sharp and carefully designed for close trimming. The motor is powerful enough for thick stubble, and the battery lasts long enough to do the job a few times before recharging.

Before I bought the iStubble, I looked at a lot of stubble trimmer reviews. But all the reviewers seemed to have an agenda and offered very little actual reviewing. I found out about several models that sounded so bad I didn’t want to try them, but I had trouble finding a brand or model that I was sure would be good.

So I bought three different ones.

One of them – I won’t say which one – was terrible. And I bought a Remington stubble trimmer that was OK. But the Conair model I bought was hands-down the best thing I tried. The reason, I think, is because it works differently from other devices. The head glides or floats over your face instead of being pressed right up against it. This means it can cut evenly over the contours of your face.

Also, the blade itself is contoured, so it can adjust to your chiseled features – I hope your features are chiseled – better than a straight-bladed trimmer.

The power is more than adequate for me. And there are enough length settings that you can experiment a little until you find a length you like. Generally, I’ve noticed that guys with dense stubble look best with it very short, and the rest of us need a little length for a full look.

The iStubble also has what they call a “dual battery system” that’s supposed to help keep the motor from getting bogged down if you wait a few days before you trim.

Summing Up About The Best Stubble Trimmer

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this model for use when you have a full beard, but it will do a better job for you when you have stubble than if you use a trimmer designed for beards. Beard trimmers have guards that are too long and have tines that are too widely spaced for stubble, in most cases.

Truthfully, I don’t like recommending a single-purpose device. It would be great if there were a beard trimmer on the market that was also a good stubble trimmer – but I just haven’t found one. Based on my experience and what I’ve seen and read from others, you need two separate devices.

And the best stubble trimmer I’ve found is the Conair iStubble. It’s as simple as that.

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