Wooden Games For Adults Make Great Gifts When Well-Chosen

Wooden games make great gifts, but it takes some effort to choose just the right game for your intended recipient. If you’re choosing for someone who is an aficionado of wooden board games and table games, the hardest part may be finding something he or she doesn’t already have.

If you’re considering buying wooden games as gifts for adults, you have to make sure you choose products that have the quality of craftsmanship that adults will appreciate.

Most of all, however, you must choose products that offer challenging and fun games for your recipient to use alone or at a party — whichever is the most likely based on to whom you’re giving the wooden board games or table games.

Why Wooden Games Make Sense

Many wooden games for adults are beautifully crafted and will last for years. In some cases, they’re made of ecologically friendly materials. They also don’t usually have batteries or complex parts that require maintenance. There are often no lights or sounds that can go bad either.

Some wooden games — like Jenga, for example — are open-ended games where more than one method of game play can lead to a positive outcome. Others have a prescribed way to win and way to lose.

Many people are attracted to natural wood games because they like the fact that they’re made from real materials. In some cases, the wood is intricately carved or richly grained. In others, the builder has taken great effort to make sure every piece fits together perfectly.

Plus, wood is a renewable resource, as is bamboo and other natural materials from which some games are made. Stone must be harvested and is available in limited quantities. Plastics and metals must be manufactured. But wood is something real, something fun and something that will quickly grow again in its original location, leading to an endless span of usefulness for the land from which it comes. That’s unlike so many other materials that result in pollution during the manufacturing process.

Best Wooden Games For Adults

The best wooden games for the adult gift recipients in your home depend on what they’re likely to enjoy and what they already have — but there are a few quality games that everyone will like.

A Wooden Labyrinth Board Game — like this one available from Amazon — is fun for adults and children alike. The goal is simple: get all the balls to the center of the game at once. While plastic versions of this game were popular in the past, the wooden version is a significant upgrade.

Four-Player Shut the Box — also available from Amazon — dates to the 18th century and involves math skills and the use of dice to defeat the other players. Sound intriguing to you? It’s easier than it seems. Just roll the dice, lay down tiles that add up to the numbers on the dice and keep playing until you can’t play anymore. It’s family fun or a great way to use some time between meetings or events.

There are games of chance, games of strategy and skill and much more available in wood. In fact, classics like checkers and chess are available as wooden board games. Even tic-tac-toe and Connect Four are available as wooden games.

Why not explore a bit and see what other wooden games are available that might hold the interest of the adults on your gift-giving gift?

When you give wooden games, you can be sure your unique gift will be used and enjoyed. Plus, wood is durable, meaning the game can likely be passed along if it isn’t added to the recipient’s permanent collection.

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