Male Fashion Advice: 12 Tips That Make You Instantly Better

Whether you’re always committed to looking as good as you can or you need to take your looks a bit more seriously, this male fashion advice can make a real difference in how you look — and in how you feel too. Dressing and grooming yourself well impacts how others see you and how you see yourself.

When you get the clothing, the accessories, the facial hair and the other aspects of how you present yourself to the world under control, you can’t help but feel better about yourself. When you look your best, you’ll be surprised just how good-looking you are.

So please carefully consider each of these pieces of male fashion advice to see if you can benefit:

1. Make yourself look healthy. The first step to a healthy look is clean skin and an even skin tone. Use a moisturizer to get rid of dryness or an astringent to eliminate that oily shine. Treat acne, if you have it. Take a multivitamin every day so that your skin starts to look better from the inside out too. No male fashion advice will help improve your looks if your skin is dull, grey or has lots of blemishes.

2. Subtitute Henleys for all those t-shirts. If you wear t-shirts often, consider a Henley instead. These collarless pullovers have three to five buttons at the neck. They’re also usually made of superior material to most t-shirts but are just as comfortable. This simple upgrade makes you look like you took more effort getting dressed, but Henleys are just as easy to wash and wear as t-shirts.

3. Maintain your fingernails. That means keeping them trimmed nicely and keeping them completely clean. A simple manicure set can do this for you — or have your fingernails professionally done by a manicurist once or twice and watch carefully what they do to you. Then, try to replicate their techniques at home. To look masculine but well-groomed, you don’t need to know any fancy manicuring tricks.

4. Split the difference between regular jeans and skinny jeans. This is important male fashion advice: only the thinnest guys look good in skinny jeans. But regular jeans are often bulky and unattractive. Look for well-tailored jeans with a mid-rise waist in the darkest colors. You don’t want your jeans to look overly worn or come down too low on your butt, which makes you look shorter.

5. Get rid of that body spray in favor of a good deodorant. Those big-brand body sprays are a bit tacky, and they usually make you smell like a locker room instead of a confident adult. Instead, choose a deodorant with a pleasant smell and use it to enhance your natural smell instead of completely covering it up. Whether you’re trying to attract a guy or a gal, they’ll prefer you without a layer of cologne all over your body.

6. Keep your stubble under control. While there’s nothing wrong with being clean-shaven or having a big, beautiful beard, if you choose to have stubble it will need maintenance. If you’re going for the stubble look, don’t just shave every three or four days. Get yourself the best stubble trimmer you can find and maintain a consistent, well-groomed look every day. Shave around the edges if your cheek line is high or your neckline joins your chest hair.

7. Trade-in your white socks. Short socks or fun, bright socks are in today. When you wear white socks, you’re indicating that you don’t really care about the appearance of your feet. Here’s a great piece of male fashion advice: look as if you care about every aspect of your appearance, even your feet. You may want to trade in the tennis shoes for something a bit more elegant too.

8. Groom your eyebrows, nose and ears. You don’t want to look over-groomed, but if hair grows between your eyebrows, get rid of it with a razor or trimmer. And check for nose and ear hair that needs to be removed. Ear hair often starts later in life, so even if you don’t have it now, it could develop in the years to come. Be vigilant in keeping stray hairs cleaned up.

9. Shave your neck. Whether you do it with a trimmer or with a razor, keep your neck clean. Neck hair increases with age too, so watch for it to get ticker and uglier as you age. You don’t want someone to be turned off just because you groomed only the front half of your body and forgot to do anything about your neck. For most guys, the quick trim during a haircut only lasts a week or so.

10. Keep shirt length at your butt or above. You will look sloppy if the length of your shirt extends beyond the bottom of your butt. Go for something shorter that barely covers your belt. You don’t necessarily want your stomach showing when you raise your hands, but you don’t want to wear a thigh-length shirt that looks like a miniskirt either.

11. Rethink the idea of short sleeves when you want to look dressy. For business casual, short sleeves are out. Instead, roll up the sleeves of a long-sleeved shirt for a more professional appearance. And practice how you do the rolling. Some ways look better than others, depending on what the shirt is made of.

12. Think carefully about hair dye. While some guys look okay when they use hair dye and beard dye, consider whether you look fine with a little gray, especially if you didn’t start dying right away and all your friends have seen your grey hairs anyway. If you decide to use dye, do yourself and those around you a favor and use a natural beard dye, with no smell, no chemicals and no chance of doing you harm.

When you take these 12 pieces of male fashion advice into consideration, you’re taking action to portray a more positive image to the world. This can help you get and keep a job and help you with finding someone to date.

Whatever you do, pay attention to the little things and put some effort into your appearance. You’ll feel as good as you look, and others will take you more seriously too.

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