Aloe Vera Oil Is Better Than Gel Or Juice

There may be no more versatile or useful aloe vera product than pure aloe vera oil. The list of things for which is can be used seems endless. I have personal experience using it for scars, burns and skin inflammation. And it certainly works to improve the quality and feel of skin, nails and hair.

You may be familiar with using the gel form of aloe on your skin and hair, but you’ve probably found that many brands leave stickiness and gumminess that remains with you for hours if you don’t wipe or wash it away. And you may have even taken a few sips of aloe vera juice internally to clear an upset stomach.

As it turns out, however, aloe vera oil is an excellent choice for many of the same things as aloe vera gel and juice, but it has a different texture which makes it more comfortable on the skin and more soothing internally.

But that’s just scratching the surface of what this unique oil can do for you. Keep reading for more information on how aloe vera oil can be part of your healthier life.

My Aloe Vera Oil Review

There’s no better aloe vera oil on the market than Pure Organic Cold-Pressed Aloe Vera Oil by Dr. Adorable — available from Amazon. I order it by the pint, but other sizes are available.

It’s a versatile product for which I keep finding more and more uses. I’ve found that it works for skin issues as well as internal issues, and since it’s approved for both cosmetic and food use, you don’t have to worry whether it’s safe.

Some people use aloe vera oil to make cosmetics and soaps or to improve store-bought products. For example, adding aloe vera oil to a hand soap you’ve purchased can help with reducing dryness. Adding some of this potent ingredient to shampoo can make your hair silkier, smoother and more manageable while minimizing dandruff as well. Most people who use aloe vera oil for hair or skin simply make their own soap or shampoo using one of the many recipes online and add this product instead of another kind of oil.

As a longtime user of both aloe vera gel and juice, I wasn’t sure what this product could add to my life. And I didn’t have any plans to make any cosmetic products myself. Instead, I was looking for something to help me treat a couple of old scars and to help with my continuing stomach issues. I found this a great choice for both.

Old scars that had been helped by a retinol product continued to get better, flatter and less noticeable when treated with aloe vera oil. And I found that just a sip or two of this products substituted for a glass of aloe vera juice in reducing heartburn and other problems with my stomach.

When used internally in a bit larger quantity, this product can have a bit of a laxative effective. In fact, that’s why many people take it. But it’s gentler than some other oils used as laxatives.

There are those who claim that aloe vera oil can help treat tumors and other serious medical conditions, and I just don’t know if that’s true. There are also those who claim this product can help with asthma. But this much is clear: there’s good evidence — including my own personal experience — to show that this product can help with stomach and skin problems.

Aloe vera oil also has a place in aromatherapy even though the scent is actually quite mild.

The Dr. Adorable brand is cold pressed to preserve quality — and not heated during processing, which can break down the oil — and is 100 percent pure. Online reviews and my experiences show that the product seems of consistent quality batch after batch, so that’s a sign that the company is using care when making the product.

Specific things I like about Dr. Adorable aloe vera oil include:

  • The way it helps with stomach and other internal issues, including constipation
  • The way it can improve skin blemishes better than aloe vera gel when applied regularly
  • That it’s pure, organic and cold pressed, meaning the quality is high
  • That it’s available in a variety of bottle sizes so you can avoid ordering too much and worrying that it will lose potency as you store it at home.

Final Thoughts On Aloe Vera Oil

If you’re like me and exploring the best ways aloe vera can figure into your life, you may be much more familiar with juice and gel rather than oil. But the oil is a stronger, purer, more concentrated form of the product that’s processed differently and works better for some applications. It’s also the best choice for use in making your own soap, cosmetics or aromatherapy products.

If you haven’t tried aloe vera oil for hair, skin and internal issues, this is a very good time to give it a try. And this is the brand that gives you the most consistent product for the best possible results.

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