Natural Dog Shampoo Makes Washing A Dog Safe And Effective

When you know you’re doing the right thing, it feels good. And using a natural dog shampoo can make you feel good about washing your dog. Natural and organic dog shampoo choices abound, but can you trust them? Just as importantly, will they do a good job for you?

A good dog shampoo is one that’s safe and also works to eliminate odors, improve skin condition and leave your pooch’s coat looking and feeling great. That’s why I make sure the dog wash I use contains aloe vera, a natural plant product that works as well for dogs as it does for humans at controlling itching, flaking and other skin conditions.

When you choose dog shampoo alternatives that have the best quality ingredients, you’re helping to make your pet happier and healthier, and that improves your life too.

Natural Dog Shampoo Alternatives

I’ve tried several brands of natural dog shampoo, but many of them don’t work very well. It seems that the chemicals in the big-name brands really do a good job cleaning. But I still don’t want to use chemicals in my home or around my pets unless there’s no other choice. That’s why I’ve been pleased to discover Earthbath All Natural Oatmeal & Aloe Dog Shampoo – available from Amazon.

This Earthbath product contains aloe as well as oatmeal, both recommended by many veterinarians for skin issues. Oatmeal works with aloe vera to promote healing and help your dog’s skin retain moisture for better overall health. Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo also contains almond oil, another moisturizer. Plus, there’s a bit of vanilla to make sure your pet smells good too.

So how does aloe help with dog washing? It contains natural vitamins, amino acids and other good things that come from aloe vera plant leaves. I’ve found that this shampoo can help with hot spots and rashes while getting rid of all those smells that dogs pick up. (Have you noticed that even indoor dogs get smelly? How does that happen?)

The Best Pet Shampoo – Made with Aloe Vera

Since it’s natural, you can use this natural dog shampoo as often as three times a week — although you really shouldn’t need to use it that often. But since it softens skin instead of drying it, it’s good to know you can use it as often as you like.

And it couldn’t be easier to use. Just squeeze some out, work it into the coat down to the skin and then wash it off. This dog shampoo alternative leaves a clean smell behind. Some of the other products I’ve tried don’t leave any smell at all, but using a deodorizing dog shampoo like this one makes real sense.

Washing A Dog: How Often?

Some people wash their dogs every week. Others wash them only when visitors are coming to keep the house from smelling bad. Washing a dog is something that isn’t necessary very often, however. Most humane societies and veterinarians recommend only washing a dog every few months. Maybe every two to four months is plenty, they say.

Of course, if your dog gets into something dirty or smelly, you’ll have to add in an extra wash. When you’re using an organic dog shampoo or some of the other dog shampoo alternatives that don’t contain chemicals, you can feel okay about washing your dog anytime he or she needs it.

One thing to note: never use human shampoo on dogs. Our shampoo is usually much too harsh.

I follow the procedure recommended by my vet for washing Sally and Mateo: I put them in the bathtub — individually — and stand them on a towel. Then I lather them up and when I’m done, I rinse as quickly and simply as I can with water poured from a bucket or bowl over the dog. You can also do it outside on a clean surface, like the driveway.

Natural Dog Shampoo Is Part Of A Good Life

When you’re making choices for you and your family, it makes sense to choose the best things you can afford for every purpose and every member of your family. Choosing natural dog shampoo alternatives means doing the best you can for your dog. I consider Sally and Mateo important enough to spend a few extra minutes making sure I’m getting the right products to use on them.

I use natural dog food, clean their water bowls every day and try to avoid giving them medicine whenever possible, so why wouldn’t I choose a sensible natural dog shampoo? I’ve found the brand I like, so I order Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo. Could it be right for you and your best friend too?

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