3 Ways Computer Reading Glasses Can Help You

I was skeptical about turning to computer reading glasses instead of getting something by prescription. In fact, I used prescription low power reading glasses before moving up to computer readers.

But as it turns out, computer reading glasses can very effectively help you see better at the computer while dealing with eye strain, dry eyes and other conditions that can make it nearly impossible to get anything done.

Here are three important ways computer reading glasses can help:

1. They provide magnification. Just like prescription single-vision glasses or drugstore reading glasses, computer readers have low-level magnification. In most cases, it’s .5 diopters, .75 diopters or 1 diopter. That’s about the same as some of the reading glasses you’ll find at the drugstore.

2. They’re tinted. Some glasses for computer use are obviously tinted yellow, green, red or blue, but all computer glasses have an antiglare coating of some kind and a minor tint. This helps keep certain light rays from your computer monitor from reaching your eyes, reducing eye strain and other symptoms from sitting there looking at the same thing all day.

3. They provide wind protection. Whether from a fan, an open window or the air conditioning and heating system, wind can further dry strained eyes, making you feel terrible. Computer glasses can protect you from some of the wind and allow your eyes to stay more moist and healthy.

Plus, wearing computer reading glasses reminds you that you need to take care of your eyes. You may want to use eye drops, take frequent breaks and take other actions to make sure you keep your eyes healthy. When they’re blurry, scratchy or painful, it’s hard to get anything done.

So please take care of your eyes by using computer reading glasses, drops and whatever else you need. I waited a long time to take action — and I shouldn’t have. It took a long time to recover and get back to full productivity again.

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