Looking For Fuzzy Taco Coupons? There Are Ways To Save

Unusually good tacos and large portions are among the things Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is known for, and you can save money at this chain of fast-casual restaurants with smart ordering and some careful attention detail.

Often called simply Fuzzy Taco, this chain is officially called Fuzzy’s Taco Shop — although few people bother to write or say that whole name. Started in Fort Worth, Texas by restaurateur Paul Willis, the chain was quickly snapped up by father-and-son team Alan and Chuck Bush. Owners since 2003, they’re responsible for the growth of Fuzzy’s across the nation, but there are still more locations in Texas than anywhere else.

What sets the chain’s tacos apart is the white sauce (nothing special really) and the feta cheese. While there are plenty of Mexican tacos that come with queso fresco, feta cheese is a saltier choice that fits in win well with the chain’s simple toppings. I like the chips and exceedingly mild salsa, and many people like the quesadillas and huge salads.

When last I checked, Fuzzy Taco was satisfying customers at nearly 80 locations and making promises to open even more.

Fuzzy Taco Coupons And More

Unfortunately, my search for Fuzzy’s coupons didn’t turn up any firm leads. I’m told by others that the chain doesn’t offer many coupons or special offers. That doesn’t mean you can’t save, however. My next piece of advice is usually to sign up for a chain’s email list for valuable coupons sent directly to you, but — amazingly — Fuzzy’s doesn’t have one of those either. They’re missing a great opportunity to connect with customers, and it’s almost like the don’t want you to save.

So try this advice instead. As usual, avoid ordering expensive soft drinks or upgrades, and consider this:

Share. Many Fuzzy’s entrees are big enough to share, especially if you’re going at lunch or want a lighter meal.

Order only tacos. You don’t have to get a plate with rice and beans. You can save while getting more food when you order your tacos individually. For the price of rice and beans, you can have another taco, which is more filling for you.

Consider breakfast. At many locations, breakfast is available and less expensive than the rest of the menu. A breakfast taco plate with two bacon-egg-potato tacos is about a dollar less than the lowest priced regular taco plate but is actually more food. That’s a good value, but pricing varies by location.

Of course, you can also save by ordering lower-priced meats in all dishes instead of premium seafood and fajita steak options.

Smart ordering is your key to saving at Fuzzy Taco, and you can bet I’ll update this page if I come up with additional ideas or learn about coupon offers. And I hope you’ll join me in encouraging Fuzzy’s to add an email club. I can’t imagine why they don’t have one.

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