What Is Computer Vision Syndrome?

If you have to ask, you probably have it. Computer vision syndrome is a potentially debilitating collection of eye conditions related to overuse of a computer monitor or other computing device like a tablet or cell phone. The condition is preventable, and in most cases it can be cured if the right actions are taken.

Computer vision syndrome usually goes away completely when computer usage is stopped. But, of course, many of us can’t stop using a computer. Instead, we must find ways to treat or eliminate the various symptoms so we can become productive again and make it through our work obligations without discomfort and without doing any damage to our eyes.

Some of the symptoms of computer vision syndrome are:

  • chronic dry eye
  • itching or scratchiness of the eyes
  • pain from muscle strain in and around the eyes
  • breaking out of the eyelids caused by rubbing that spreads bacteria
  • blurriness
  • inability to concentrate on a task because of eye issues
  • and more.

Any symptom that’s related to repeated and prolonged computer use can be classified as a part of computer vision syndrome.

Things that may help reduce the symptoms include:

  • using lubricated eye drops
  • using low power reading glasses or computer glasses to protect eyes and reduce strain
  • eliminating sources of wind or air conditioning blowing into eyes
  • taking frequent breaks to look at objects at a distance
  • changing the distance of the computer monitor from your eyes
  • and other actions that reduce the amount of time at the device.

If not dealt with, computer vision syndrome can get so bad that it’s impossible to look at a computer monitor for more than a few minutes. Fortunately, all of the things listed above can help you bring the symptoms under control. And as with any eye condition, seeing an optometrist to make sure you don’t have any eye disease or need new glasses or to start wearing glasses is a great idea.

And as a bonus, your eye doctor will probably have additional advice on how you can bring your computer vision syndrome symptoms under control.

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