Progressive Daily Devotionals Focus On Moving Forward, Expanding

Daily spiritual practices are part of many traditions, and I’ve proven in my own life that it’s possible to benefit from reading progressive daily devotionals. The problem is that most books and websites that feature daily devotional messages are very conservative.

It seems to me that many of the things I read are aimed at people who are just becoming Christian and want to deepen their faith. In my case, however, I’ve been a Christian since birth and want to expand beyond the very limited view of the world that one religion presents.

I choose progressive daily devotionals that are aimed toward people who have a background in Christianity but want to explore beyond it. No religion has all the answers, of course, and studying beyond any one religion can make a real difference in the understanding of spiritual principles.

A progressive Christian is simply someone who is moving forward rather than standing still. If that’s you, look for daily devotionals written by people who are on a journey, not people trying to get you to take an interest in their current position on the spiritual path.

When you start reading progressive messages daily, you’ll:

  • gain new understandings
  • learn about new concepts
  • focus for a few moments
  • order your thoughts
  • start to move forward
  • and more.

At least that’s what will happen when you read high-quality and carefully crafted progressive daily devotionals. I find that reading conservative material has a negative impact on me by making me uncomfortable, making me anxious and causing me to feel pity for the writer’s stagnate life. None of those things are the purpose of spending a few minutes each day centering myself and thinking about spiritual things.

Progressive daily devotionals are out there and available for your Kindle device and other ebook readers. Some are even available in print. And all focus on moving forward, expanding and widening your view. Isn’t that what you want to focus on?

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