Use A Noise Machine To Cover Up Irregular, Unexpected And Annoying Sounds

Most of us get used to sleeping or concentrating under specific conditions. I grew up beside a major highway, so traffic sounds don’t wake me. But a meowing cat or barking dog outside will wake me immediately from a deep sleep. When I concentrate, a few distance conversations that I can’t really make out don’t bother me at all. But a TV in the next room completely breaks my concentration.

That’s why I bought the best noise machine I could find and have it on most of the time now. The right white noise machine can cover up things like:

  • irregular sounds from an air conditioner going on and off that might keep you awake
  • sudden sounds like thunder or someone slamming a door that can jolt you from sleep
  • distance conversations that your brain automatically strains to hear you’re while concentrating
  • and so much more.

The best white noise machine has multiple settings, variable volume and perhaps some additional features and adjustments that help ensure it provides maximum noise coverage for your situation.

There are also machines that play whale sounds, ocean waves or other background noises instead of just white noise — and you may find these kinds of noise machines especially effective in some cases.

White noise is essentially the sound that an analog radio makes when it’s between stations — a sort of dull roar or hissing sound. Some people find this soothing; others find it annoying. Obviously, if you don’t like white noise, consider going with a machine that provides some other kind of sound that you will find soothing.

As someone who grew up near traffic, the beach isn’t very soothing for me. But I also like nature, and chirping birds and frog sounds are very soothing. You’ll surely find the perfect noise machine and the perfect soothing sounds to allow you to sleep or concentrate if you choose your device carefully and base your selection on what you already know about what you like and what you don’t.

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