Stick With An Independent Local Dentist For Service Your Way

If you want service your way, stick with local professionals who have the freedom to do things however they — and you — want. I was reminded of this when I made the bad decision a few months ago to call a Monarch Dental facility. They advertised a $29 special for an exam and cleaning. But what’s the catch?

As it turns out, when you show up for your scheduled services, they don’t provide all of them. I found this out from a phone call. They look you over and have you come back for the cleaning. The idea, I suppose, is that you may not ever come back, saving them effort. Or perhaps they’ll tell you that you need more extensive and expensive work than the $29 will pay for and that you need to bring more money with you.

I don’t know the exact details of the Monarch Dental $29 deal because I never went to the appointment once I learned that there was a catch. Then I realized my mistake was calling them in the first place. They’re a big chain with big rules. When you choose an independent local dentist, he or she can make accommodations for you, including:

  • late or early appointments
  • quick appointments
  • discounted fees
  • additional free services
  • and more.

It’s like getting your oil changed at one of those big-box discount stores. They don’t check your brakes or steering fluid because they worry they could be held responsible if these systems fail despite them deeming the systems okay. But a little independent shop will check those things as a courtesy while performing other services — because they can and because they have fewer rules.

If you don’t like rules, stay away from the big chains — whether it’s a dentist, an oil change or something else you’re needing. Dealing with independent local establishments whenever possible is an intelligent decision that will serve you and your family well.

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