Save Money By Cooking Your Own Rice Rather Than Buying Precooked Rice

Are you falling for the trend toward frozen precooked rice when you could be cooking your own rice in batches and freezing the excess for later? Rice is inexpensive and simple to prepare, so why buy it precooked? The time savings isn’t very much, and the price for prepared rice is way too much.

I’ve purchased prepared white rice and prepared brown rice, and I admit, they taste good. They usually have a nice texture and are enhanced with additional ingredients, like oil and even salt. I think it’s best to decide for yourself how you want to cook and season your rice.

I cook rice in several ways. One is to cook rice in a slow cooker and then freeze the excess. This makes good rice, especially if you make it just a bit undercooked so the rice you freeze doesn’t overcook when it’s reheated.

I also cook rice in large batches in the microwave and then freeze the excess. This works fine, but rice that’s almost overcooked doesn’t reheat very well, so keep this a bit on the underdone side as well.

My favorite way to deal with rice is to buy instant or minute rice and cook small batches when needed in the microwave. This gets the best results, but it ties up the microwave for 3 to 5 minutes and then has to sit for another 3 to 5 minutes to come to finish cooking. And while instant rice isn’t as inexpensive as raw rice, it’s much less expensive than frozen precooked rice.

The Crock-Pot rice method works pretty well. Since it only needs stirring once or twice during cooking — or not at all if you can’t find the time — you can put it on after lunch and have a large batch ready in plenty of time for dinner.

While it may not be good for you to eat too much high-starch white rice, brown rice is actually a whole grain that’s good for you. Why not incorporate more of it into your diet by choosing carefully how you cook it and making sure you always have some available? Rice is versatile enough to go with anything.

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