Minimalist Glasses: Good Online Prescription Glasses For Less

For many of us, part of minimalist living is eliminating hassles and overspending from our lives, but finding discount prescription glasses isn’t easy if you’re shopping at a local store. Mall eyeglasses stores are overgrown and overpriced.

Fortunately there’s an alternative that makes sense — whether you want minimalist glasses or some really fancy glasses with minimal hassles and minimal prices.

For online prescription glasses, I choose Zenni Optical, and I’m happy to tell you why. With glasses starting at just $6.95 for a complete pair — including single-vision lenses and sturdy, stylish frames — you can’t beat the company’s prices. Minimalist glasses can look great and come at a great price too.

If you learn toward frugality as well as minimalism, you’re probably sold already.

But Zenni Optical has a wide selection of frames, all the options in lenses, coatings and accessories and a simple ordering experience that makes getting exactly what you want a breeze.

My Zenni Optical Review

Maybe I’ve already told you all you need to know about Zenni Optical. They have great prices, a full selection and have served me well. What else can I say?

Actually, there are a few more things I want to mention.

First, when I tell people where I get my cheap glasses online, the first question they usually ask is how Zenni can offer prices so much lower than in the mall.

That’s a simple answer: Mall eyeglass places have high rent and employees to pay in malls around the country, plus they have to maintain a large stock of frames in a showroom environment. Zenni processes all orders from one location, so it can get by with less equipment, fewer employees and fewer expenses too.

That kind of efficiency is a great example of minimalism in action. Without so many unnecessary processes and so much duplication, Zenni Optical is proving that online prescription glasses and minimalist glasses don’t have to be expensive.

Do you realize that glasses at the mall can cost $300 or more? But you can get the same thing — with anti-glare coatings, thin lenses and other options — for less than $20 complete with shipping when you order online.

If you have full-coverage vision insurance, you might as well go to the mall and pay their prices. If you value your resources and want glasses for less than the deductible or co-pay of many plans, however, go online to save a bundle.

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The company also makes sunglasses in whatever tint level you want and a variety of specialty glasses. Some frames cost more than $6.95, but if you’re looking for something simple and stylish, there’s no need to pay more.

I’m confident in the company because I’ve ordered my low power reading glasses from them and have had great experiences. I’ve also read other reviews and talked to my friends about Zenni Optical. I can’t find much negative information about the company.

Reviews sometimes point to a complicated ordering process, but your prescription has all the details you need — except possibly your PD, the distance between the middles of your eyes. Measure that yourself (in millimeters) or have someone do it for you, then you’re all set. You can have one of those mall or discount stores take the measurement if you prefer.

You can even use a metric ruler to measure your face to make sure the frames you order are perfect. Better yet, take measurements from a well-fitting pair of sunglasses or your old glasses. When you order discount prescription glasses from Zenni Optical, the site provides complete measurements of every pair of frames.

A Final Thought

There’s nothing simple or minimalist about dealing with an expensive mall store when you can get cheap glasses online from Zenni Optical — great minimalist glasses you’ll enjoy wearing.

If the price doesn’t convince you, the selection of simple, beautiful frames will. Once you get your glasses in the mail, the quality will make you a repeat customer.

For discount prescription glasses, I turn to the online prescription glasses company that demonstrates a commitment to simplicity.

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