Low Strength Reading Glasses Are Easier To Find Than Ever

It used to be almost impossible to find low strength reading glasses online. For years, I had to have my .50x and 1.0x reading glasses made and wait for them to be shipped to me because I couldn’t find any that were suitable in stores or online. Now, low strength glasses are easy to get online – and you can get half a dozen pairs for what one pair of higher-powered readers cost at drugstores.

For just a few dollars, you can get low strength readers shipped to you right away – without waiting for them to be custom-made – that will make small text easier to read, help eliminate headaches when reading for long periods and make your hobbies easier than ever because you can see fine details you may have been missing before.

While the need for reading glasses indicates that you should visit an eye doctor and consider getting some of the lowest strength prescription glasses available, your eye doctor also might recommend that you choose low strength reading glasses that you can buy online. In many cases, they’ll work just as well and they cost much less.

Affordable low strength reading glasses online

Gone are the days when you have to special order low strength readers. The Gaoye 6 Pack Reading Glasses with Blue Light Blocking for Women and Men, available through this Amazon affiliate link, offers low power reading glasses that you can get in a six pack for about half of what I used to pay for custom-made low strength readers. It’s great to find something that cost less than it used to instead of more.

These plastic-framed readers have polycarbonate non-polarized lenses just like you would find in most budget glasses that you ordered by prescription. And the mid-range size means they’ll fit just about anyone. Also, each pair comes with a case so that you can avoid scratching them up, the most common way reading glasses are damaged, especially low strength readers which you may not need all the time.

You can choose a multi-color pack like I do or select from other options available at the same link. All are appropriate for either men or women and include blue light blocking to potentially help prevent eye damage from screens and avoid sleep interference.

Be sure to choose the correct strength for you. There are unmagnified glasses to wear for wind protection or cosmetic purposes only. There are .50x and .75x reading glasses for the lowest power needs, then there are 1.0x glasses, which are also difficult to find at stores. After that, you can get most of the other sizes they sell at stores, but you won’t find them this inexpensively.

Get 50s and 75s and more easily

When you’re talking about reading glasses, 50s and 75s don’t refer to years or ages. They refer to diopters. Some eye doctors call .05x or .05 diopter reading glasses 50s. As you might guess, 75s are .75 diopters or .75x readers.

A diopter is simply a unit of refractive power and is one of the ways that eye professionals refer to the strength of eyeglasses. For example, many people who use reading glasses need 2.5x or 3.5x. That means they need 2.5 diopters or perhaps 3.5 diopters of magnifying power.

But when you need low strength readers, you need much less power than that, and reading glasses of those strengths used to be very difficult to find. Using higher powered ones can cause headaches and blurriness. Now, Amazon and other online sellers make them easy to get.

A final word about low power readers

I’ve been writing about low strength glasses for years. I use .50x readers when working at the computer and 1.0x strength readers when using my Kindle or reading a paper book or magazine. And I’ve required the same strength of readers for years. Only a couple of years ago, I had to special order them and wait six to eight weeks for them to be made for me and shipped to me. Now, I can order them on Amazon and have them in a day or two.

Sometimes, the world changes for the better. In the case of low power reading glasses, the world has changed to allow you to get the vision help you need quicker, easier and cheaper than ever.

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