Advantages Of A Commercial Popcorn Maker For Your Cafe Or Concession Stand

Most people like popcorn, and some people really like it. Many are willing to seek it out. When you add an industrial popcorn machine to your cafe, concession stand or booth, you can satisfy their urge for crunchy, buttery goodness and enhance your profits too. No one loses with popcorn.

With the right commercial popcorn popper, making popcorn is quick, easy and inexpensive. You can easily turn the job over to a low-level employee or carnival volunteer after a few minutes of training and advice about safety – since surfaces get hot, of course. That means your labor costs for adding a popcorn popper are low, and the reasonable cost of the corn and oil means profits are high.

Need a bit more convincing about the advantages of a commercial popcorn maker? Here are five specific advantages of adding a professional popcorn machine to your business:

1. The smell enhances your area.

Some aromas are unmistakable, and the smell of freshly popped popcorn is one of them. The makers of commercial popcorn machines know this, and they design their machines so that they emit that aroma rather than keeping it closed up. This is genius. Snack lovers often can’t resist buying a bag or two once they encounter that smell. (As a bonus, most popcorn machines look great too. That helps reinforce the sale.)

2. It’s a cheap snack that anyone can afford.

Beyond that buttery smell, some people are simply addicted to popcorn. Just seeing a sign or a well-designed machine makes them want some. Also, popcorn is perceived as a healthy snack by some who are watching their waistlines. And it doesn’t cost you much to make it, so you can sell it to eager budget-minded customers at a substantial profit. Don’t be surprised if you soon have a line of people wanting to shell out for freshly popped popcorn.

This commercial popcorn popper, which you can examine through an Amazon affiliate link when you click the image, is one model that professional concessionaires trust.

3. It provides a new revenue stream.

Whether you operate a restaurant, concession stand or booth, profit margins are small these days. Adding an additional revenue stream with a healthy profit margin can boost your business’s bottom line. Even better, customers who come in for popcorn often buy drinks and perhaps additional snacks. That means the simple addition of a commercial popcorn popper to your business could get you a new customer that purchases several items.

4. Popcorn is sometimes expected.

Customers and guests expect popcorn in certain places. For example, a snack bar is usually expected to serve hot buttery popcorn. So is a concession stand. And every carnival should have at least one booth with popcorn. When people come to your venue expecting popcorn, don’t let them down. Provide what the want at a fair price and watch the profits roll in – and the customers leave satisfied and full.

5. It’s the only efficient way.

A commercial popcorn machine means you’ll have enough for everyone. In seconds, you can get your machine started on a batch that will serve dozens of customers, depending on the size of your machine. When you get a machine that’s big enough to handle your demand, profits are only limited by the number of people who stop by.

A commercial popcorn maker is a small investment that will pay for itself many times over. When you choose a sturdy model from a respected brand, you can’t go wrong. Now, who’s for some popcorn?

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