Is The GoateeSaver For Real? And Does It Work?

At first, the GoateeSaver seems like a really bad idea. You shouldn’t really have a goatee if you can’t figure out how to trim it, right? And since there’s more than one style of goatee, how can this goatee template give everyone good results?

And if you don’t put the template in the right place, won’t the goatee be off-center?

Some people have even thought that this device must just be sold as a joke and couldn’t be for real. But it’s a real product that really works for a lot of guys.

I’ll admit that the GoateeSaver has its limitations. And I’ll certainly admit that it’s a strange idea. But let’s explore a bit and see what we can learn about whether it’s a good idea. But let me say it again: it’s no joke.

My Goatee Saver Review

The first thing that’s important to understand about the GoateeSaver – available from Amazon – is that it can be adjusted. You can make it wider and longer to fit the shape of your face and the shape of the goatee you want to design. While you don’t get unlimited flexibility, you can probably find a setting that’s right for you.

This shaving template is intended to help you shape a goatee when you’re having trouble doing it yourself. It helps you make sure that your goatee is perfectly shaped instead of lopsided and that the connectors are even and wide enough to make your goatee look great.

Of course, it can only do so much. If you don’t have good growth, it can’t help you make it better. But if you have full growth in the goatee area, the GoateeSaver can help you make the most of it by making sure you don’t shave off too much and don’t leave your face looking crooked or asymmetrical.

When used correctly, you can save time also since you don’t have to be quite as careful as you would without it. It also prevents mistakes since the facial hair you want to keep is protected by this goatee template.

You can see on the respected Beard Board how even someone who is a lifelong goatee wearer was able to shape his goatee better with the GoateeSaver. There are lots of other positive comments there about this device, something you might not expect from lifelong, experienced beard-wearers.

The hardest part of having a goatee is getting it even. I wear a full beard most of the time just out of laziness, but I’m always disappointed with the results when I’ve shaved down to a goatee without the GoateeSaver. That’s because the bottom always seems uneven and the sides always seem too narrow. By the time I shape things up like I think they should be, I’ve cut off more than I intended.

With this goatee template, I can do a much better job. It seems to work best when you start with a new goatee or just a few days growth and then shave around the device carefully. From then on, each shave matches the last one. I like to keep my goatee fairly short, but it will work even if you grow it longer. There’s room behind it to deal with quite a bit of hair while you shave around the device.

Today, there are templates to help you shave your neckline correctly and to help you get straight, even lines around your beard, so it makes sense that there’s a device for the goatee wearer too. While goatees may not be as popular as they were a few years ago when it seemed everyone had one, there are still plenty of us who like having one sometimes.

Final Thoughts On This Goatee Template

The GoateeSaver has several things going for it, including:

  • It can’t be positioned wrong, so you get the same results every time.
  • It allows for even cutting even if you don’t have steady hands.
  • It keeps you from cutting off too much and ruining your goatee.
  • It comes at an affordable price so that you can experiment with it without guilt.

I’ve been pleased with my GoateeSaver, but I admit to being skeptical about it. I guess I’m skeptical about everything! But this thing works pretty well. If you have good growth, it can help you make the most of it.

And who wants a goatee if it isn’t going to look good? Go for the perfect goatee with this goatee template.

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