A Good Writer Is A WordPress Expert Too

For most businesses, hiring both a web content writer and a WordPress expert isn’t necessary. Since such a large portion of the web is now created using WordPress, most writers are WordPress experts too.

If you insist on a custom theme or need to match a blog to an existing website, contracting briefly with a freelance WordPress consultant might be a good idea. If you simply want a nice-looking site to serve your customers and potential customers, however, there’s probably no reason to incur the added expense.

Writers Often Have Wider Knowledge

In many cases, web content writers create and maintain many keyword-targeted sites of their own, and to keep costs down they often do this without WordPress services from outside companies. That means most competent writers can:

  • Research a topic and its related keyword phrases
  • Write error-free content that appeals to human readers as well as search engines
  • Format text in WordPress and other popular platforms
  • Add graphics, tables and other additions to spice up content as needed
  • Create promotional articles to attract visitors to a site.

Simply put, most of today’s content writers have skills once only available from website design companies and marketing professionals. That means it’s important to ask your freelance content writer about the array of services he or she can provide before you contract with any other professionals.

What It Takes To Be A WordPress Expert

There’s also something else you need to know: WordPress is incredibly easy to use.

WordPress is a content management system designed to be simple enough that anyone can use it. With an uncomplicated text editor, obvious navigation and access from the web with no downloads required, it doesn’t take a genius to use it.

In fact, many of the WordPress consulting services for which companies spend hundreds or thousands are unnecessary. If your writer can’t figure out how to fix a problem or accomplish what you want, the software’s online forums and established tutorials provide all the details.

A relatively competent writer is likely to be experienced in editing page templates to make minor changes, adding plugins to provide additional functionality and changing themes to improve the cleanness and overall professionalism of the site. And because the system is so easy to use, even a writer with limited WordPress experience can soon come up to speed.

Choose A Writer Based On Extra Skills

Obviously, then, it makes sense to choose a web content writer based on more than just writing skill. If you’re a small business with limited resources, choosing the right writer can mean you won’t need to bother with a team of other talented-but-expensive professionals.

And what if a writer you really like isn’t a WordPress expert? That’s fine — as long as you understand that there’s probably a great writer out there who can handle both your WordPress services and your writing tasks with ease.

There’s nothing wrong with paying for a separate WordPress expert when it’s necessary, but you can save money, time and hassles when you work with a web content writer willing to provide services beyond the expected.

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