Have Cats? Make Sure Your Air Bed Is Cat-Compatible

Air beds serve lots of purposes. They’re great when you have guests staying with you and don’t have a spare bedroom — or simply can’t afford to put a mattress and platform in a room that isn’t used very often.

When you choose the best air mattress you can find, you can even use it to sleep on every night. Since the air can be refilled and doesn’t degenerate in the way the inside of a mattress does, you have a perfectly comfortable bed every night with no decline in quality through the years.

But many people don’t realize that cats and air beds aren’t necessarily completely compatible. If you have a cat, there are some things you can do to make sure your air bed continues to hold its air despite those sharp claws.

Get a quality product. The thicker the plastic of an air bed is, the less likely it is that a cat will be able to puncture it.

Trim you cat’s nails. That’s good for you carpet and furniture anyway, and the best air bed choices can withstand dull claws. It isn’t hard to trim claws either, especially if the cat is used to the procedure.

Use thick bedding. One sensible idea is to wrap a thick blanket around the air mattress before putting on a bottom sheet to help prevent punctures. This makes the bed more comfortable in many cases anyway.

Put the bed up when not in use. Decrease the opportunities your cats have to damage your air mattress by putting it away where the cats don’t go when it’s not in use. That can keep it from getting damaged by other sharp or pointed objects around the home too.

There’s no certain way to make sure your cat or cats can’t damage your air bed, but when you choose the best air mattress you can afford and take the right precautions, you’re doing all you can to make it possible for cats and air mattresses to coexist in the same home.

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