Get The Best Results From Concealer For Men When You Use It With Skill

So what do women do when they want to look their best and, well, don’t look too great at that particular moment? They cheat with makeup. And that often means applying concealer over the acne marks, small scars and other blemishes they don’t want anyone to see. But what if you’re a guy? Did you know that there’s concealer for men that’s made especially for male skin and designed not to be noticeable?

Whether it’s dark circles under your eyes or a breakout that you weren’t expecting, you can transform your messed-up face into something that looks good enough to go out on the town when you use concealer for men.

Concealer allows you to cheat on your complexion a bit and look your best when your skin is damaged — or even when you just don’t feel your best. Don’t turn down an opportunity to go out just because you’re not having the best skin day you’ve ever had.

Concealer for men is specifically made to cover redness, dark circles and small marks, and it can cover some kinds of moles and some non-raised birthmarks too. Not sure if it will work on your blemishes? There’s only one way to find out.

Using Concealer With Skill

To get the best results, you need to take the right actions. If you don’t, you’ll look made up or like you accidentally got something on your face. The worst thing possible is if someone notices you’re wearing a product.

The first step is to buy the right color. If in doubt, go a little darker than your skin tone rather than lighter. No one needs to look paler. Then, wash your face thoroughly before applying the product. I recommend also applying a layer of moisturizer. This will also help even out your skin tone.

If you’re using an eye cream or a concealer around your eyes, use that first. Then, add concealer if you still need it. Rather than applying it directly as the instructions indicate, you may get the best results from applying it to your hand and then dabbing just a little in the right places on your face. The key is to blend into surrounding skin so there’s no line. Putting on moisturizer first will help ensure that you don’t get shiny spots next to untreated skin that’s dull and gray.

If you notice the concealer looking cakey, you can apply a very small amount of eye cream or moisturizer over it to help smooth it out.

Nothing Feminine About It

If you think this all sounds a bit too feminine for you, remember that actors do this all the time — even when just going out to dinner. And plenty of the guys you know are using concealer for men too. They just don’t talk about it.

Besides, what difference does it make? If it works, it works. And if you do it right, no one will ever know.

When you choose the right concealer for men and apply it properly, you’ll look just like you normally do — only better. That’s the goal, and it’s possible when you use the right product in the right way.

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