Best Concealer For Men Is Easy To Apply And Blends Right In

Concealer for men comes in several different types, and they’re not all the same. Some of it is simply makeup that you apply in small quantities right from a jar. The best concealer I’ve found comes in a container that looks a lot like ChapStick lip balm so you can carry it with you and touch up whenever you want. That helps you maintain the best possible look, even when the day stretches into the night.

It’s time we guys get over the idea that using skincare products is only for women. Plenty of guys do it every day. You may have noticed a few, but those aren’t the ones to focus on. If you notice that a guy is using a product, it wasn’t applied right. You know how people think that all hairpieces look bad? That’s because the ones you notice look bad; the ones you don’t notice are doing their job well.

In a lot of cases, women’s makeup and skincare products are intended to be noticed. But the idea of concealer for men is to cover up imperfections in your skin that no one will know you have them in the first place. Fortunately, after some experimentation I’ve found a product I like, and it could be a good choice for you too.

My Review Of The Best Concealer For Men

I have occasional blemishes even though I’m nearly 40, but I have dark circles under my eyes that have been with me since I was a kid. I’ve tried creams, vitamins and everything else and they won’t go away. But I found I can cover small marks, scars and my dark circles with Menaji Camo Magnum Concealer For Men — available from Amazon. If you’re a white guy who goes out in the sun sometimes, the medium is probably right for you. That’s what I use, but there are a couple of other choices.

My two favorite features of this concealer for men are that it comes in a tube I can carry with me and that it’s so easy to apply. You just rub it right on. You can use a sponge or cotton ball to smooth and blend if you like. Plus, Menaji is a respected name in skincare for men, so I know I can trust that there’s nothing in this product that shouldn’t be.

Like all concealers, it could be noticeable in the bright sunlight if you don’t blend it in properly, but even then someone would have to get right in your face to notice. If you go to school or work inside, no one will ever notice. They may notice that you don’t look as tired or that your skin is less imperfect. You can just tell them you’re using a new moisturizer or better soap or something if anyone asks — which they probably won’t.

I don’t use this product every day, especially if I know I’m not going to be around a lot of people I know or if I have to do a lot of sweaty work outside. When I work outside, I wear a hat so my imperfect skin doesn’t show. I also use a tinted sunscreen to help even things out then.

Try this product and you’ll see how well it works. I’ve tried another concealer for men — a couple of others — but they made me look like I was going to be in a play or drag show. This one is subtle, natural and easy to use, and that fits my style.

Final Thoughts On Concealers

One quick tip: don’t use a concealer that’s made for women. They’re too silky and thick in many cases. Remember they’re intended to be used along with makeup, so they’re different from this concealer for men that’s intended to be used alone. If you’re a guy who wears full-cover makeup — and there are lots of those now — you might be better off using the concealer that goes along with the brand of makeup you use.

And remember this: lots of guys are using concealer now, so no one will judge you even if they somehow find out you’re using this product. Most people respect other people who take care of themselves, and they’ll respect you for doing what you have to do. But no one will find out if you use the inconspicuous and easy-to-apply Menaji Camo Magnum Concealer unless you tell them about it.

Forget looking at your other options for a concealer for men and order this one. You won’t regret it if you want a long-lasting natural look that allows you to be just a bit more perfect.

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