Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts By Using A Daily Devotional Guide

Are you one of those people who just doesn’t see much purpose in reading self-help materials, spiritual books or daily devotional guides? I admit that at first these things seem useless to clear-thinking, intelligent people.

While I don’t read many self-help or spiritual books, I do use a daily devotional guide. The reason is simple: I’m forced to think about a lot of different things each day, and it helps keep my brain focused on the things that really matter if I spend two minutes every day looking at a well-written, intelligent and fun guide of some kind.

It seems that concentrating on positive, outwardly focused material for these couple of minutes plants some positive seeds in my brain that lead to other good, positive thoughts throughout the day — instead of so many negative thoughts. If you live a busy life like mine with lots of pressures on your time, you’re sure to experience negative thoughts. And you surely need less of them.

I get a daily devotional guide or other ebook with short spiritual essays for my Kindle and read one piece every morning. Sometimes, the short essays hardly register with me at all. But sometimes they get through. I think about the positive message all day.

I digitally mark the best devotions or essays, then on days when I have some extra time or get stuck in a waiting room for a while, I reread the good pieces to give myself a lift.

Like I said, you probably have plenty to think about, but why not add some food for positive thought to your life by using a daily devotional guide?

You’ll soon see that giving yourself positive food for thought gives you a choice when your brain has some free time. Instead of always going negative, it will have the material it needs to think a good thought. And that can change your whole day.

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