Electric Blankets Can Be Money-Savers That Keep You More Comfortable

You may not think of electric blankets as a way to save money since, obviously, traditional blankets don’t use any electricity at all. But today’s electric blankets are extremely energy-efficient and can allow you to keep your home cooler at night without noticing the difference.

The true energy hog in your home is probably your furnace or HVAC system. It can cost you hundreds each month in a larger home just to keep the place warm. But when you get yourself the best electric blanket you can find, you can turn the heat to a lower setting — or in some weather, turn it off completely — and save yourself some money.

I know that a lot of people are reluctant to try an electric blanket for two reasons. First, they didn’t like them as a kid. And second, they remember hearing that they’re bad for you. But neither argument is valid anymore.

Electric blankets aren’t like they were 20 or more years ago. There are no longer big knots or lumps. And there’s no longer a risk of fire if a blanket gets bunched up. The modern heating elements are small and almost undetectable, and there are safety mechanisms that prevent overheating and other problems.

These modern advancements mean that you don’t have to worry about health implications from electric blankets either. The cause for concern was overblown originally, but it doesn’t exist at all anymore.

I actually like to be cool at night, so I don’t use an electric blanket every night. But when it’s really cold, there’s nothing better than hopping into a warm bed and warming up my cold feet under a warm blanket. Then I can turn it off if I want to be cooler during the night.

Whether you like to sleep hot or cold, there are some night’s when an electric blanket is the best thing in the world.

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