Best Electric Blanket Safely Keeps You Warm — And Is Affordable Too

Are you looking for the best electric blanket to meet your need for a nice warm bed and a good night’s sleep? Maybe you’ve tried electric blankets in the past and weren’t impressed by their quality or performance. They used to be very bulky and often used lots of electricity.

And in many cases, they would either get too hot or you would get uneven heating. But now things have changed. Electric blankets aren’t like they used to be.

The best electric blanket available today shares very little in common with the early, primitive models you may remember from when you were younger. Invented in 1912 and available widely since the 1930s, electric over-blankets once featured knots and lumps that allowed insulated electric wires to heat the bed — and you.

Today’s electric blankets don’t have those large and bulky wires you can feel through the layers of material — the wires that were responsible for hot spots and uneven temperatures. And they’re much safer than they once were. There’s no longer a danger of overheating, and they turn themselves off if you forget that.

That’s miles ahead of how things were when your grandparents were sleeping under the best electric blanket available in their time.

But don’t they take a long time to warm up? And aren’t they hard to take care of?

I’ll answer these questions and tell you what I’ve learned about warming blankets as I researched the best choice for my home. You may be surprised just how many choices there are once you research electric blankets a bit. And you’ll certain be surprised just how different they are than the ones of years past.

Your Electric Blanket Review

So what is the best electric blanket? And is it affordable enough for you and your home?

The two-control Soft Heat Luxury Micro-Fleece Low-Voltage Electric Blanket available from Amazon — is the best electric blanket I’ve found on the market today. It’s lightweight, reliable and very safe.

I love the fact that it’s made from 100 percent polyester micro-fleece, giving it a very expensive feel and look. This fabric also makes it easy to take care of. You can even wash it yourself in your home machine, something you couldn’t do with older electric blankets.

It’s also safer than similar devices of earlier generations because it uses a lower wattage while still offering the heating you’d expect from an electric blanket of this quality. The lower wattage also means that it saves energy, helping to cut down on your electric bill. And the lower wattage means you’re safe even if the blanket gets wet.

This blanket has no bulky wires like in older models, making it almost impossible to feel them even when you press around trying to find them. This helps put a stop to those annoying hot or cold spots that were often the problem in the past.

A nice feature with this queen-sized blanket is that it has two separate heating controls. This is really good if your companion likes their side either warmer or cooler than you do. This way you can each adjust your side to just the right temperature to make sure you get a great night’s sleep.

The controls have a nice feature that dims the control light after it is set so it won’t distract your sleep and then automatically brightens it if you decide to make a temperature change during the night. This keeps you from having to turn on another light.

Another thing that I like about this blanket is the setting that allows you to pre-heat the blanket and then have it maintain a set temperature. This is nice because it means that you won’t ever get into a cold bed again.

The temperature control also has a built-in setting that will automatically turn the blanket off after 10 hours of usage. This is a safety feature that prevents you from accidentally leaving the blanket on when it is not in use.

Final Thoughts

So if you’re tired of getting into a cold bed at night, try the Soft Heat Luxury Micro-Fleece Low-Voltage Electric Heated Blanket. This is the best electric blanket I’ve found — and once you try it, it will be the model you recommend to your friends too. The fact that it’s affordable is a nice bonus too.

Safety, savings and a good night’s sleep are just a few of the reasons that this is the best way to keep you and your spouse comfortable all winter long

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