Zenni Optical Review: Online Prescription Glasses And Eyewear For Less

With the cost of prescription eyeglasses at many chains now often $300 or more, how can Zenni Optical provide a complete pair or stylish glasses for only $6.95?

While I’ll try to explain a bit about how they manage to do it, that’s not really the point of this Zenni Optical review. Here’s the point: Zenni Optical does, in fact, offer online prescription glasses as well as sunglasses, low power reading glasses and other eyewear for a fraction of what you would pay if you purchased it from a local eyewear center.

I’m certain of the quality and value the company offers because I’m among its satisfied customers, and so are thousands of others.

If you don’t have vision insurance or if your insurance only covers a portion of the cost of your eyeglasses, Zenni Optical is the least expensive place to turn for quality online prescription glasses. And if you require specialty frames or want non-prescription reading glasses custom made in the frames and magnification you specify, Zenni Optical is also your best option.

How They Do It

When you make a purchase from one of those big chain eyeglass showroom in you local mall, you’re paying for their convenient operating hours, wide selection of in-stock frames and the high rent that the company must pay to maintain its locations.

Zenni Optical provides good customer service online and over the phone and makes it as easy as possible to order prescription and non-prescription eyeglasses online. And no mall eyeglasses chain offers the kind of 24-hour access that the Internet provides.

But Zenni Optical doesn’t have hundreds of locations around the country in high-rent, high-traffic shopping areas, and they don’t have to pay thousands of customer service representatives and opticians to staff hundreds of locations all day, every day and late into the evening.

When you order from Zenni Optical, your order is processed in its plant and mailed to you within days. While you can’t get one-hour service from a mail-order company, you save hundreds on every pair of glasses you order.

To me, saving hundreds is worth waiting a few days.

My Zenni Optical Review

Even if you don’t choose from the company’s wide selection of $6.95 glasses, your complete online prescription glasses, non-prescription glasses or low power reading glasses will still cost much less than from any other source.

In fact, you can choose from hundreds of frames, complete with lenses and anti-glare coating or tinting, for less than $20. Where else can you get a deal like that?

My confidence in this company is based on my own experience ordering low power reading glasses from the company, the positive experiences of my friends and my research into the company over the last several months.

I’m writing this Zenni Optical review because I sincerely believe in this company’s product and the innovations they have made that allow them to dramatically lower the cost of online prescription glasses.

I’ve seen a few reviews that indicate the ordering processes is complicated, but that simply isn’t the case. Your prescription provides all the details you need to complete your order except perhaps your PD, the distance between your pupils. You can measure that yourself if you can’t get an optician to do it for you. (In my article for Clear Your Eyes about how to order low power reading glasses from Zenni Optical, I explain much of the ordering process in detail.)

Choosing the right frames isn’t a problem either. You can upload a photo of yourself and virtually try on frames, and every pair of frames shown on the site includes detailed measurements. Using a metric ruler, you can check every dimension to make sure the frames you like fit your face. Better yet, if you have a pair of glasses or sunglasses that fit well, you can use them to verify your measurements.

Interestingly, I’ve seen some criticism of online prescription glasses in general because you don’t get a custom fitting to make sure the glasses settle well onto your face. But most opticians no longer do this. When I recently accompanied a friend to pick up glasses he foolishly ordered from one of those mall places, he was simply handed his glasses. No fitting or thanks was offered, so I don’t really think the lack of a custom fitting is anything to worry about.

I hope this Zenni Optical review increases your confidence in the company, because that’s what it’s intended to do. I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience with this company.

A Final Thought

My budget doesn’t allow me to spend $300 for something that’s available at a much lower prices. Glasses are an important part of life for some of us, but we no longer have to pay hundreds to get high quality prescription glasses that will serve us well for years.

In fact, Zenni Optical’s prices for online prescription glasses and other eyewear is so reasonable that you may want to order more than one pair. You can show off every side of your personality through your eyewear when you order from Zenni Optical.

Glasses under $20. Save Now at Zenni Optical!

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