Why Would Anyone Want The Lowest Power Reading Glasses Available?

If you’re wondering why anyone would want the lowest power reading glasses available, you probably don’t have computer eye strain or any related conditions. Just a very slight magnification plus the wind protection that eyeglasses provide can help improve symptoms of chronic dry eye and other conditions related to looking at a computer monitor or smart phone too much.

Interestingly, wearing glasses of any kind can also serve as a reminder to treat your eyes well. You’re less likely to rub your eyes, which can increase irritation and even cause eyelid breakouts, if you wear glasses and have to take them off to do it. You’re also more likely to think about your eye health and remember to take frequent breaks when you have on glasses.

So as you can see, there are a number of reasons to wear the lowest power reading glasses available. And when you do, you can get relief from symptoms that are so harsh and debilitating, in some cases, that they threaten your career and your livelihood. And finding relief from a potentially career-ending array of eye problems is reason enough to get some low-power reading glasses.

In most cases, the lowest magnification readers you’ll be able to get at local drugstores or discount stores is +1.25 diopters or sometimes +1.00 diopters. But lower magnification is available for order online — and you can have what you want custom-made by an inexpensive online maker for less than $20. A magnification of as little as +0.25 diopters is possible, but most optometrists don’t prescribe anything less than +0.50 diopters.

If you have eye problems of any kind, you need to see an optometrist. If you can see fine when your eyes are well-rested, there’s a very good chance you just need some protection from wind, some slight magnification and a bit of a reminder to take care of your eye health.

Some very small lifestyle changes can lead to a very big difference in how well you’re able to get your work done.

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