Why Grow A Beard? Here Are 6 Compelling Reasons

Looking for reasons why you should grow a beard? Wondering why so many guys have beards these days? After all, why grow a beard when you can keep your face shaved clean and feel neat and tidy, right?

But some of us feel better about ourselves when we let our beards grow as nature intended. Others like the idea of having a carefully groomed and neatly trimmed beard because it makes them feel older, more distinguished or more in line with current trends. Still others just like to experiment.

So why grow a beard? Some guys might ask it differently: Why shave? There are very few good reasons to shave in today’s world, and there are many reasons to grow a beard. In fact, here are 6 smart reasons to grow a beard as soon as you can:

1. Beards actually save time. You may have heard some guys say they spend more time grooming their beards than they would shaving, but that isn’t necessarily true. The average shaving man spends 139 days – that’s nearly 5 months – of his life shaving. But a lot of bearded guys groom only once a week. And while you’re growing out a long beard for weeks or months, you may decide not to groom at all. Think of all the time you’ll save.

2. There’s a sexual thing involved for some men. If you like the way it feels when someone runs their fingers through your hair, just imagine how much more sensual it will feel when someone is running their fingers through the hair attached to the sensitive skin on your face. Some guys don’t like it, but many do. And some people have a fetish for guys with beards. Some men have a fetish that makes them want to have a beard too.

3. This sign of manliness adds to your status and sophistication. Maybe you say you don’t care about your masculinity or your position in society. But a beard is a sure sign of manliness and is considered a trait of alpha males. You seem more convincing and compelling to some people when you have a beard. Period. It’s just the way it is, so why not take advantage?

4. Many of history’s most powerful players had beards. Why grow a beard? Why not do it because so many good men before you have been bearded. These include Socrates, Leonardo da Vinci and Abraham Lincoln. And that’s just the beginning. Confucius had a beard too. And so do Chuck Norris, ZZ Top and Mr. T – among many others.

5. Beards can protect you from sun, wind and allergens. A thick beard provides sun protection that keeps the skin on your face from aging as fast, but did you know that growing a beard also helps you fight allergens? The hairs of your mustache trap allergens and keep them from going in your nose. Just be sure to wash your beard frequently to wash away the pollen and debris. You don’t want to carry it with you. Your beard can also prevent dry skin caused by the wind.

6. A beard can give a boring face some much-needed character. If you have a doughy, plain, ordinary or round face without much distinction, growing a beard can add features to your featureless face. Some guys combine a beard with glasses to cover up a big nose, thin lips or other feature failures to make them look more attractive than they would otherwise be. And remember, being bearded is your natural state, so you were meant to have all the benefits that a beard offers you.

We’re not trying to convince you to grow a beard. That’s up to you. Why grow a beard if you don’t want to? You don’t have to give in to peer pressure, follow the latest trends or experiment with your facial hair if you don’t like the way it looks or feels.

Your face is yours, and nobody should tell you what to do with it. But if you’re considering growing a beard and need some reasons to go through with it, these six should help. Every guy deserves to find out what having a beard feels and looks like.

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