Used DVD Not Include Special Features? The Maker May Be Able To Help

When I bought a used DVD of Slumdog Millionaire several months ago, I was finally able to see this remarkable movie that I missed when it was in theaters. But when I started looking on the disc for the special features, I realized they were missing.

Fortunately, I was able to send the disc to Fox for free replacement.

My first thought was that the store had substituted in a disc from a different release that didn’t include special features, but when I searched online I realized that the manufacturer actually mixed up some of the boxes and shipped many DVDs without special features. But would it be possible to get a replacement on a disc bought used many years after the initial release?

As it turns out, it was a simple process to get a free DVD replacement through Fox Connect. I found that to start the process, you have to send an email to

I thought I had wasted my time because I got no response for several weeks. Then I got an email telling me that if I would provide a few details, the company would authorize the return and send me a new disc. I responded within hours, and it was a couple more weeks before I got my return label by email.

I sent the Slumdog Millionaire DVD missing special features to the address provided using the free UPS label that was sent to me, and a couple weeks later I got the new disc.

Sure, it took months to complete the process, but I got the replacement disc I wanted and deserved even though I had purchased the disc used and many years after it came out. Fox apparently makes good on its mistakes — although not very quickly.

If you’ve recently or not so recently purchased a DVD that didn’t include all the special features or was in some way different than advertised on the box, don’t hesitate to contact Fox Connect or the appropriate company for your disc. You deserve to get everything you’ve paid for — even if you got the disc off a clearance rack years after its release, as I did.

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