The Right Zebra Printer Will Last And Last And Last…

Here’s a fact: it’s hard to tear up a well-made Zebra printer, and Zebra printers are the only type I can recommend with confidence if you need to print thermal labels.

While my life today revolves more around writing and research than shipping and receiving, for years I sold products online as my full-time job. These included books, DVDs, CDs and even some clothing and other items. If I could find it used, I found that I could resell it online using Amazon, eBay or another site. And every item I’ve sold over the last ten years has been shipped in a box or envelope with a label printed from the same Zebra LP 2844 — that I bought used.

That’s right: nearly a decade ago, I bought my Zebra LP 2844 used through Amazon. When the printer arrived, I immediately connected it to my computer and started printing right away. All I had to do was download a driver for it from the company’s website.

Since then, I’ve had to replace the computer, but the printer is still working. Right now, it’s a dusty mess sitting to the right of my monitor and just above my keyboard — and it still works fine. I’ve also seen other reports of people using these printers for years and years without complications. They’re just that good. They even work with the cheap uncoated address labels that I buy by the thousand from an eBay seller.

So I can’t recommend a Zebra LP 2844 highly enough.

Before I got this printer, I had a Dymo printer that worked fine, but it could only accommodate small labels, and those labels were expensive. When I upgraded to my Zebra printer, I was able to choose any label size and type I wanted and was able to get cheap uncoated generic labels much cheaper.

When I was printing large quantities of labels every day, that saved me hundreds of dollars over the course of a year.

I honestly can’t say enough good things about Zebra thermal printers. If you choose this brand, you’ll soon see for yourself what I mean.

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