The Best Way To Color A Beard

The best way to color a beard is the way that works best for you, but a few pieces of advice can make the process much better. If you want to color your beard, keep reading for useful information on how to do it right without irritation, bad results or excessive cost.

When a lot of guys first consider dying their beards, they simply go to a store and pick up Just For Men or a similar commercially available product. For some guys, that works just fine. Each brand of chemical dye is different, and some give better results than others. But overall, chemical dyes work the quickest and give the most predictable results.

The problem is irritation. These dyes contain known skin irritants that can really irritate the skin under and around the beard. They can also cause drying and breakage of the beard hairs, something you don’t want if you’re going for a big beard. For some people, these issues aren’t bad enough to cause them to stop using the product.

Chemical-free natural beard dye doesn’t have those harsh chemicals, but you give up two other things as well:
– speed
– predictability

Natural beard dyes take longer to work than chemical beard dyes and don’t always give the best possible results on the first try. But here’s the great part: if you don’t get enough coverage the first time, you can try again with most natural products. The chemical products are so harsh that retrying isn’t recommended.

There are even mascara-like products that some guys brush over their beards to cover gray when there isn’t much of it, but these can come off on clothing — and on significant others!

So what’s the best way to color a beard? I think it’s with a natural beard dye. Chemical products are easier to find, however, and are less expensive in some cases.

Natural beard dyes have the following advantages:
– no harmful or irritating chemicals
– natural-looking results
– it’s okay to repeat the application
– no chemical smells
– and more.

So for me, the choice is clear. What about you? If the chemical products don’t irritate your skin or dry your beard and you’re not worried about chemical exposure, stick with them. But for me, the natural choice is the best choice.

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