Sleep Better Without Spending A Lot Of Money

There are lots of products on the market aimed at helping you sleep — from melatonin supplements to thousand-dollar mattresses. But before you shell out big money on products that may or may not work for you, consider this advice for how to sleep better without spending a lot of money.

Here are some things you can try to make more of your nights restful ones that lead to productive days:

1. Stay cool. While it’s tempting to snuggle up under a lot of cover and get warm, many people sleep more soundly and wake up without pain or congestion when they sleep in a cooler room with minimal cover. Sleeping with no cover at all, however, can lead to joint aches if you’re prone to this problem.

2. Meditate. Praying, meditating or thinking through the days problems when you first get in bed can help you finish with the day’s business so that it doesn’t plague you during the night. If something is on your mind, think it through before bed. If ideas are in your head, write them down so you don’t feel obligated to remember them all night.

3. Change your pillow. One way to ensure better sleep is to change to a different pillow. Memory foam pillows work great. Choose one with a cool gel layer if you get too warm when you’re sleeping.

4. Keep your distance. If you sleep with someone else, their tossing and turning or involuntary nighttime movements could be waking you. After snuggling for a few minutes each evening, move over a few inches so you can each sleep comfortably. Your partner may thank you for not keeping them awake too.

If these things don’t help you, it may be time to consider melatonin supplements or pain relievers to help you rest at night. And if your bed is more than a decade old, it might need replacing. But it makes sense to start with the free and inexpensive solutions before springing for something that will cost a bundle.

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