PC Peekers Are Harder To Find Than Ever, But Alternatives Are Available

PC Peekers are a unique kind of computer glasses. They’re a slip-in insert that fits between your regular glasses and your eyes to provide additional magnification. They’re perfect for working at the computer, and they have other great purposes as well – like close-up hobby work, electronics repair and more.

While bifocals, no-line bifocals and even trifocals have limitations when you need to see the whole computer screen or another large area directly in front of you, PC Peekers provide a wide field of vision that’s perfect for looking at the computer, working on crafts and many other applications.

But PC Peekers computer glasses are not available on Amazon (the last time we checked), and it can be hard to figure out where to buy them. Keep reading for advice on how to get PC Peekers and what to do if you can’t find them.

Why I like PC Peekers

If you already wear glasses but need extra magnification when working on certain tasks or don’t like the location of the bifocals on the lens, PC Peekers may be the right solution for you. This product is a sleek insert that sits behind your glasses to add magnification to the upper portion of your field of vision. That’s something that bifocals don’t do unless you have them specially made.

Even better, there are no clips or clamps with PC Peekers that could damage your glasses. Plus, adding these to your glasses is a lot less expensive than getting new bifocals, which can cost hundreds.

PC Peekers have been hard to find for years

When products are available on Amazon, I usually recommend buying them there. I’ve been writing about and recommending PC Peekers for years, and when they disappeared from Amazon a few years ago, I never imagined that they were gone from the site permanently. Then when they didn’t return, I thought the company that makes PC Peekers must be out of business and the product no longer available.

But apparently that’s not true.

The company’s website is still functioning, and PC Peekers are available for purchase there through PayPal. But I have concerns. I tried placing an order using the PayPal order link on the site, and it didn’t seem to be working. I tried on both mobile and desktop devices, so I think something may be wrong with the site. I wrote to the company, but I didn’t get an immediate reply.

UPDATE: After 5 days, I got a response from PC Peekers indicating that they are still in business. You can call the company toll free at 888-829-9994.

A second option is to order from Bernell, a specialty company for eye care products. This company offers PC Peekers computer classes for sale online. I contacted it via chat to see if the item is really available, and I got a positive response: “Yes. That item is still available for purchase.”

An alternative to PC Peekers

The best alternative I can find to PC Peekers computer reading glasses is this product: Clip On and Flip Up Blue Light Blocking Magnifying Glasses, available through this Amazon affiliate link. While this product is not very stylish and requires clipping on, it comes in a wide range of magnification choices at a low price. It might be the product that will work to solve your need for computer magnification in addition to your regular glasses.

As a bonus, these stable and durable clip-on computer glasses include blue light protection, which many people find very important these days. And most of the Amazon reviews say great things about this option.

Of course, you can also go with traditional reading glasses for computer or hobby use. With those, you must take off your regular glasses and put on something else, but they work for many people, even those who already wear different glasses for distance.

I like this very inexpensive set, the CCVOO 5 Pack Reading Glasses, also available through an Amazon affiliate link.

You have choices in computer glasses

Finding PC Peekers seems to get harder every year. You may not be able to get them at all by the time you’re reading this blog post. Fortunately, you have the choices above to consider.

Many of us experience vision problems when dealing with the computer or close-up hobby tasks, but there’s are solutions – including the ones mentioned here and perhaps others. You can depend on me to update this post when I find new and interesting alternatives to PC Peekers computer reading glasses.

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