Retro Hand Salve Is Fun, Quirky And Works Great

When it comes to the task of finding a suitable, multipurpose hand salve or balm for my dry and sensitive skin, I simply cannot settle for anything less than the best. It is often a tiresome task; most balms and creams I have used in the past have simply irritated my skin and caused any dry or chafing skin to worsen in state. At this point I had thought that I would be simply unable to find anything that could soothe my damaged skin.

That was the case, until one day in which I was determinedly scrolling through remedies for my inflamed skin on Amazon, and I came across a product that was called White Cloverine Salve that seemed to be unusually inexpensive for a six-pack of the apparently miracle hand salve it contained in its packaging. At first I was rather doubtful of the product and its efficiency in solving my countless skin issues but I ordered the product nevertheless and was pleasantly surprised by the arrival only two days later.

My Hand Salve Review

Inside of the bright yellow and blue packaging were 6 small tins of product, stacked up against each other. At first I had thought that they were rather small and my doubtfulness began to increase, but then I opened it up and tried it out.

The hand salve was cool and felt soothing when applied liberally to the cracked skin of my hands. Admittedly, it was a little thick in consistency and smelled a little strong but I continued to apply it to all dry areas of my body, such as my lips, elbows, knees and any random patches of rough skin that needed healing. I took a nap while I waited for the required 2 hours for the salve to sink into my problem areas and work its rumored magic upon me. When I checked back after this period, I was both amazed at the product and disappointed in myself for ever thinking this product would not work wonders — because it truly had.

The skin on my hands felt renewed and almost but not quite perfectly smooth to the touch, the usual deep cracks were lighter and certainly less rough than usual. My lips were fully smoothed over. Not a single piece of flaky or dry skin was to be seen upon them, and as for my elbows and knees, they felt as though the skin had been replaced because it felt so soft and supple.

Final Thoughts About This Hand Salve

Now that I knew it was the miracle salve others had said it was, I recommend it to all of my friends I knew that also suffered with dry and sensitive skin. I also then realized that it could be used for almost anything: nostrils that are sore, minor burns, cuts, inflammation and much more that I was unaware of, I’m sure. The tins may have been small, but only a small amount is actually needed to cure fully the troublesome patches of skin, and so they last for a substantial amount of time. Even if they did run out, I didn’t need to worry about having to buy another, as there are 6 tins sent to me altogether, and so you pretty much have an almost unlimited stash that can last you a very long time.

Overall, I think I can safely say that I have found the hand (and many other purposes) salve of my dreams. It honestly worked almost right away and I was blown away by how my skin completely transformed into the baby-soft skin I had always longed for in all my years of dealing with dryness.

If you are struggling with the same kind of problems that I once had, I would without a doubt recommend the near-miraculous Cloverine Hand Salve to you with full faith that it will work absolute magic on you, just as it has with me.

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