Computer Readers Can Make You More Productive

I had to get computer readers — also called computer reading glasses — because I had gotten to the point that I couldn’t sit at the computer for very long without experiencing extremely dry eyes and other symptoms of computer vision syndrome, including itching, scratchiness, blurred vision and pain from muscle strain.

Add into that the fact that I also have some sinus pressure in my head a few days a week and working became almost impossible.

Fortunately, I first discovered low power reading glasses and then computer readers designed to provide slight magnification and also some anti-glare protection that makes me better able to sit at a monitor for long hours.

You see, writing is my job. And when I can’t sit at the computer, I can’t work. So it was absolutely crucial to my work and therefore my future that I find something to help me. In my case, along with computer readers I use lubricating eye drops because the sinus medicine I take further adds to the dryness in my eyes, making my natural tendency toward chronic dry eyes even worse than it is when I don’t take antihistamines.

My two-pronged approach involving computer readers and also drops works most of the time. When I experience any blurriness or itching, I use allergy eye drops instead of regular lubricating drops. And when I have pain from eye strain, I add in additional breaks and sometimes some Tylenol.

I may not have found the perfect system for conquering computer vision syndrome, but my computer readers, my drops and an occasional pill or two allow me to get on with my work, my day and my life.

Before I started this approach, I was getting less and less productive by the day, and that simply wasn’t acceptable. I can’t imagine that kind of situation is acceptable for you either.

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