Can You Download Books To Read Later With Kindle For Android?

Does it sometimes seem like your smart phone is useless because you don’t have enough data in your plan or don’t have a good connection everywhere you go? With the Kindle app for Android from Amazon, you can use your phone to read books offline — as long as you choose and obtain your books in advance and download them.

If your data plan’s limitations mean you can only connect to the Internet with your Android phone when you can get free wifi or if you’re planning to spend an extended time on a plane or in an area with no cell service, you’re probably looking for ways to get the most from your phone without the need for being connected to the Internet.

That’s where the Kindle app comes in. You see, you don’t need a Kindle device to download free and inexpensive Kindle books. All you need is an Android (or an iPhone) and access to an Internet connection for a while in advance.

You can actually download books to your computer and transfer them to your device, but the simplest way is to go to a place with good free wifi. Then, select books you want and purchase them for download. There are thousands of free books too, including classics and new books that are being offered free for a limited time. Download everything you want.

Then, turn your wifi off and go somewhere else. Open each book and verify that you have it. If you can open and flip through the book in the parking lot with wifi and data service turned off, it should also be available to you when you’re:
– on a plane
– in an area with no cell service
– trying to avoid using any data at the end of the month
– and more.

The Kindle app for Android can easily be downloaded from the Google Play store. While on wifi or with your data on, go to Google Play and download the Kindle app from Amazon. Once installed, log in with an Amazon account and start enjoying free and inexpensive offline books you can read anywhere.

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