Best Reading Glasses Can Ease Eye Pain And More

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to reading glasses. The best reading glasses are the ones that most closely match your needs. That means they’re the strength and style you desire and have additional features to make them work best for your specific needs.

For example, computer readers often come with a tint or an antiglare coating while some reading glasses are adjustable in strength for helping you determine the best reading glasses strength for you. There are even bifocal readers. Some choices are plain and simple while other cool reading glasses come in outrageous patterns and interesting, innovative designs.

When you make the right choice, you can eliminate eye pain, eye strain and other discomfort from your work experience so you can have the most pleasant workday possible. Trying to work without glasses when you need them or with bad glasses is a true hassle — and one you don’t have to tolerate.

Let’s look at some choices of readers so you can determine the best reading glasses for you.

Adjustable Reading Glasses Are A Great Place To Start

If not knowing what magnification you need from your readers is holding you back from ordering a pair, there’s a solution. Choose Focus Specs Adjustable Reading Glasses — available from Amazon. These reading glasses adjust so you can decide what works for you. They’re also a great choice when you need different magnifications for different tasks or need different magnifications in each eye.

That’s right: you can actually set the magnification of these reading glasses for each task and separately for each eye. The adjustment goes from +0.5 — which is hardly any magnification at all but can relieve minor eye strain — to +4.5 — strong enough to work on watches, jewelry and other tasks involving very fine detail.

These are the best reading glasses for those who are new to readers because of their complete flexibility. While those with a focal problem called astigmatism — where different parts of a single eye focus at different distances — can’t be helped completely with these glasses, just about everyone else who needs reading glasses can. The adjustable magnification covers the full range of what’s available from reading glasses.

The only drawback to these reading glasses is the styling, which some people find a bit clunky or unappealing, although I don’t think they look too bad on most people. Some users find they fit a bit too loosely, but these are starter readers. Once you’ve determined what magnifications you need, you can buy some reading glasses that closely fit your needs or have reading glasses custom made.

Reading Glasses That Are A Bit More Fashionable

While the adjustable reading glasses above are the best reading glasses if you need to determine what magnification you need, you can resolve your eye pain and pressure as well as blurriness, watering eyes and a host of other symptoms with something a bit more stylish if you know the magnification you need. I always recommend you see an eye doctor about any eye problems, and the doctor can tell you whether you need prescription readers or can order some that will match your needs.

Then simply visit Amazon and choose the best reading glasses to match your tastes. After you click on the link to the product page, you’ll see that a variety of magnifications are available in every style. If your desired magnification is between +1.0 diopters and +4.5 diopters, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding what you want. Low power reading glasses and high power reading glasses are a little harder to find, so your style choices may be more limited.

Remember to look for readers with high-quality lightweight plastic lenses. A scratch-coating and other upgraded features is always a plus.

Computer Reading Glasses Can Meet A Specific Need

If the eye problems that add pain, irritation and other hassles to your workday may be caused by spending too much time at the computer, special computer readers are available that are designed to solve just such problems. They’re the best reading glasses for any eye problems that involve staring at a computer screen or other kind of monitor all day.

One such brand and style of computer glasses is the Gunnar Optiks G0005-C001 SheaDog Full Rim Ergonomic Advanced Computer Glasses — also available from Amazon. When you need lenses that are carefully engineered to solve computer-related vision problems, these high-tech lenses are right for you. They work great for gamers too.

You actually have some choices to make once you get to Amazon regarding the lens tint and frames, but none of those things matter for performance. Simple choose the best reading glasses for your needs from the choices of tint and frames the company offers. Overall, this brand focuses on modern and sleek styling and provides a noticeable tint that really helps with glare, eye strain and color enhancement.

Once you get these, you can probably comfortably spend more hours a day at the computer than even before. And that can help increase your productivity.

Plus, these lightweight glasses come with a generous warranty that helps ensure you’re not putting your money on the line.

A Bit More About Work Eye Pain

Here are a few other things that can cause pain in and around the eye:

Sinus pressure. Sinuses and allergies have been worse for some people in recent years than ever before, and symptoms are changing and increasing. A next-generation nasal spray like Flonase can help eliminate this kind of eye pain and pressure.

TMD. This jaw condition is related to grinding the teeth at night and can cause the jaw to clench and lock up for hours at a time during the night or when concentrating during the day, creating unhealthy pressure and a variety of ailments related to the teeth, gums, nose, eyes and head. Night guards are available to limit clenching and even out the pressure so symptoms are decreased.

Migraine. Painful headaches called migraines often start or feel worse behind the eyes. And since migraines can develop at any age, you may start having this problems at any time. Treatments are available, however, than can reduce the severity and length of symptoms.

Pain can also be a symptom of a tumor, neurological problems and other ailments. If your doctor can’t immediately find a cause for your eye pain and getting the best reading glasses you can find doesn’t help, call in a specialist. It’s probably something minor, but you need to take action nonetheless.

Start With Adjustable Reading Glasses

If you’re not sure what action to take first and you’ve already seen a doctor or eye doctor, consider first ordering the adjustable reading glasses mentioned above. They’re the best reading glasses for someone just starting to find out how eyewear can ease eye pain and other work-related eye problems.

The most important fact to remember about eye pain, computer-related eye problems, eye strain and other issues that detract from your work experience is this: there is a solution. You can solve the problems that plague you and become happier and more productive. Dealing with your eye problems can be an important first step.

Click here to see the best reading glasses if you’re just starting to deal with your eye problems. They come from Amazon, the place so many of us turn for readers that really work.

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