Best Natural Beard Coloring Is A Great Alternative To Just For Men

Beard coloring is a tricky thing. Sometimes, it just doesn’t work. And if you’re not careful, you can end up looking like an over-dyed old man who apparently can’t see well enough to realize how bad he looks. But there’s a natural beard coloring product that works for most guys and doesn’t damage or color your skin.

The two most common ways to color a beard seem to be with the world’s best-known hair color for men, Just For Men, or by simply brushing in a mascara-like product to get temporary results. But any chemical hair coloring for men or women can be very harsh and can damage your skin and hair. And those mascara products don’t work too well when you have more gray or white than color in your beard.

So what’s the best alternative? I’ve found a natural beard coloring that works well for me without irritating my skin — and it might work for you. Of course, if those big-name beard coloring products work for you, you may get the most predictable and quickest results using one of them. But there are smart alternatives that work.

My Beard Coloring Review

For coloring my salt-and-pepper beard, I use Manly Guy Medium Brown 100% Percent Natural & Chemical-Free Hair, Eyebrow Beard & Moustache Color — available from Amazon. I admit that the name is a bit long, but it’s a great way to get the results you want without all the irritation. (The maker has started including the Discovery Naturals brand name on the product in recent months, but it’s still the same product it’s always been.)

Here’s the thing though: this doesn’t work like Just For Men. It takes longer to work and doesn’t provide exact and dependable results unless you put in a little practice. So the coloring may not come out exact on the first try. But since it’s chemical-free and won’t damage your hair or skin, you can try again to enhance the color right away.

And if your beard hair grows fast and you need to do frequent touchups to color new hair, that’s okay too. There’s no restriction on frequent use like there is with chemical beard coloring products.

As you might have guessed, Many Guy products from Discovery Naturals — available in a range of colors, not just the medium brown I use — use henna to color your hair. But it isn’t as hard to deal with as straight henna, and it contains other things to help make it work better.

Plain henna can turn out red if not applied properly, but this product has indigo and other natural things added in. In fact, you need to use it immediately after you mix it together as explained in the instructions because the indigo goes bad very quickly and will no longer work to stabilize and help standardize the resulting color for you after about 15 minutes or so.

It may seem weird to put this funny colored stuff all over your face and leave it the required amount of time, but it gives me the results I want, and that’s all that matters. And it lasts a month or two before it fades, maybe less if you wash your beard with shampoo every day. Of course, if you trim your beard daily or weekly, the color could all be trimmed off before then.

To use the stuff, you just add water to the required amount of the product, then mix it up and apply immediately. Gloves, a cap for applying to your head hair and complete instructions are provided with the package.

Final Thoughts

I admit that I had to try a couple of times to get enough coverage for me since I wanted total gray coverage. But that’s the great thing about a natural product: you can apply it several times, wait and check the results. If you did that with a chemical color, your hair would either fall out or your skin would get burned. I keep my beard at a medium length, so I touch up once a week and everything seems to go well.

Let’s face it: we get enough chemicals going into and onto our bodies in other ways. We don’t need to be painting a chemical beard coloring onto our faces several times a week. For the best possible results without a load of chemicals, you’ll like the results you get from Manly Guy. Click here to see the price and details about the medium brown natural beard coloring I use at Amazon. You can explore other color choices while you’re there too.

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