Inversion Therapy Table Creates Wellbeing

An inversion therapy table is based on an idea that’s been around as long as the field of medicine. If your modern workday is taking a toll on your back, many people will be happy to tell you about the benefits of inversion table therapy to your daily life.

But do inversion tables work?

Would it surprise you to know that Hippocrates, the father of medicine as we know it today, witnessed the miracle that defying gravity can work on the body? You see, defeating gravity for a few minutes is the goal of inversion therapy, and you can get significant relief from your back pain when you experience the benefits of inversion table therapy.

People around the world and throughout history have been using inversion therapy tables for pain relief and to feel generally better, and so can you. Sure, the idea of turning yourself upside down for a while may seem strange or even a bit crazy to some people, but those who’ve experienced the benefits are soon converted to inverting. And these remarkable devices are now more affordable than ever. What’s stopping you from buying one?

An Inversion Therapy Table Review For You

You can do more than just get rid of back and neck pain when you order the Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Table — available at the best price from Amazon. This affordable table is well-made and can also help you with posture problems and can improve your circulation.

This inversion table works to take the pressure off your back by elongating your spine for a specified period each day. You may choose to use it longer and longer as you get used to the unique, almost euphoric feeling of being upside down. When the pressure in your back is released, your backbone naturally shifts and resets itself, allowing ligaments and muscles to return to their ideal positions. All of this together releases pain.

This Innova model saves you money because it doesn’t come with a lot of unnecessary frills or features. Fortunately, added bells and whistles don’t add to pain relief, so you don’t compromise anything to save money.

To use this device, all you have to do is lock down your feet, move your hands over your head and wait for the inversion to happen. It’s not a sudden process. Instead, you slowly and gradually invert as you’re moving your hands into the correct over-your-head position.

Once you’ve practiced a little, you can make this a fluid and elegant process. Just to be safe, you may want to have someone with you when you do it the first time in case you move too suddenly and invert too quickly, which can sometimes cause dizziness. After that, there’s no problem with using the device when alone.

Keep in mind that this unit is best for people who are more than 4 feet 10 inches tall and less than 6 feet 6 inches tall. It’s also not built for people over 300 pounds. If you fall outside those limits, you’ll need to get a different model of inversion therapy table.

More Benefits Of Inversion Table Therapy

Reversing gravity has proven itself as a cure or partial cure for all kinds of back pain, including stubborn lower back pain. Simply put, an inversion table uses gravity to do what hospitals do with spinal traction weights. If you think about it, standing pulls you downward toward the earth, compressing your vertebrae, discs and other structures. Inverting takes the weight from gravity’s pull and uses it to stretch your spine instead of compressing it. Everything naturally goes back the way it should be if gravity weren’t negatively impacting your body.

For many people, an inversion therapy table is like getting a good stretch for their ligaments and muscles. This can make problems with muscles spasms go away while allowing for better circulation. You might even feel a sense of well-being or euphoria from the blood circulating in your brain better than ever before.

Stretching in this way can also stimulate the flow of lymphatic fluid, the natural waste disposal system of the body. This can help clear toxins and other things that shouldn’t be pooled inside your body. In the same way, more healthy nourishment is able to circulate, allowing you to get full benefit from the food and supplements you ingest.

And with a bit of practice, you can benefit from a variety of inversion angles, not just going completely upside down.

Isn’t It Time To Take Action?

Even if you don’t actually experience the euphoria from the extra blood flow, you’ll certainly feel great about being able to experience your workday and your downtime without pain. People who get started with inverting usually make it a part of their daily life because they get so much benefit.

Some people even use an inversion therapy table as part of their religious or spiritual practices while participating in a devotional program or listing to meditative music. The options for improving your life with one of these devices are endless.

It’s time to take action so that you don’t have to deal with a hurting back anymore, and the best inversion therapy table can help you do that. By my definition, the best is the one that does everything you need without costing a fortune — and this is it.

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