Affordable Inversion Table Therapy: Remarkable Table Offers Back Pain Relief

Do inversion tables work? That’s an easy question to answer since so many people around the world have found pain relief and other benefits from using these simple devices. They absolutely work to make life better for the people who use them.

The idea may seem a bit unusual or even crazy to some people, but hanging upside down can allow your strained and painful back muscles to relax and ease your pain. And that’s not all having an inversion table can do for you.

Every with all the benefits of inversion table therapy, however, some people still don’t have access to one. That’s because the price can be out of this world for a good one. But there are affordable alternatives available that work as well as the high-priced models.

My Inversion Therapy Table Review

If it’s time for you to improve your posture, boost your circulation and get rid of back pain, you should consider the Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Therapy Table — available from Amazon. This model is one of the most affordable on the market and a quality piece that will serve you well.

Among the many benefits of an inversion table is the relief of lower back pain through spinal elongation. When you release the pressure on your back each day, your backbone can naturally shift and reposition, leading to pain relief. Your muscles and ligaments get a chance to relax too.

You don’t get a lot of features or other frills when you choose this Innova, but you don’t need many features to get relief. This model works and is affordable. What more could you want? It’s even appropriate for people of a variety of sizes — from 4 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 6 inches tall. It’s not built for anyone over 300 pounds, however.

Here’s how it works: simply lock your feet in place, raise your hands over your head and wait for what happens. You’ll invert gradually as you move your arms up and gently move into the upside-down position.

After a few days of practice, your inversion table therapy will happen fluidly and in a relaxing manner. The first few times you try it you may want someone else in the room with you because you may move too fast or not at all. You’ll get the motion down perfectly very quickly, however. Then, you can use the device unsupervised.

I know this is a very basic unit, but it’s designed to be affordable. That means you may have to tolerate feet clips that aren’t as comfortable as you might like, for example. Still, your ankles are supported with foam rollers and there’s a safety strap that helps you make sure you get the right angle and keeps others from using the unit if they aren’t properly trained.

Euphoria In Two Ways

You may notice a sense of euphoria from being upside down for a while. You’ll certainly feel euphoric when you realize your pain is gone — and that you can keep it at bay by inverting every day.

In fact, it’s not unusual for people to use an inversion therapy table as part of their spiritual practice. You can meditate or listen to music or spiritual devotions while inverted if you wish.

You don’t have to tolerate a back that hurts every day. There are many kinds of solutions available, and the right inversion therapy table is one of them. If you want the best inversion table for your needs and budget, you know which model I recommend. It will work for you as it has for me.

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