Arrid Extra Dry Clear Gel Deodorant Discontinued? It’s Available Online!

For years, I used Arrid Extra Dry Clear Gel deodorant. I always thought it was the best on the market because it didn’t stain my clothes and actually worked pretty well. There were two or three different scents I liked because they smelled better than most deodorants. I even got some of my friends and family using it because I thought it was so good.

And then it was gone.

I had been picking it up at Walmart when I did my grocery shopping. The price was about the same as other deodorants, and it was even on sale sometimes for less. Then one day when I went to Walmart and an employee had all the deodorants down in some carts and was rearranging everything. The Walmart in the next neighborhood did the same thing, and the chain hasn’t stocked the product since.

I got a couple of stray ones at a Target before they ran out and a couple more at a CVS. Then this deodorant that I had used for a decade or more was completely gone. I even saw some posts from others online indicating that Arrid Extra Dry Clear get was discontinued.

Then I noticed that you could get it online. So obviously the information that this deodorant was discontinued wasn’t correct, was it?

Apparently, Arrid Extra Dry Clear Gel — now available at Amazon — was taken off the market for a while to be reformulated. In fact, many deodorants were reformulated during that time due to some government thing. This product has since returned to the market, but Walmart, Target and some other big-box retailers haven’t brought it back.

I ordered the new formula gel from Amazon and was pleasantly surprised. I can’t tell any difference between the way the product looks, feels or smells now and how it was before. And it’s certainly better than any of the substitutes I used during the time when it was unavailable.

Supposedly, the product is now smoother and easier to apply, but I don’t really see how that could be possible. The company also touts that the product has a longer-lasting fragrance too. And it still leaves no residue on your clothing unless you accidentally apply it to the fabric. Then, it will eventually build up a little.

If you miss this product or want to give it a try, I’ve made it easy for you — now that it’s available again.

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