What Is Aloe Vera Water? And Is It The Next Trendy Beverage?

Aloe vera water is another name for aloe vera juice, and it’s a very trendy beverage. But many people have been successfully using aloe vera water for stomach discomfort and a variety of other conditions for years. Could it help you?

Aloe vera water or juice is made from the aloe plant – a succulent that stores water in its fleshy leaves – and it has been used in cultures around the globe for centuries for a variety of healing purposes. To decide if it’s right for you, consider the available evidence and talk to your doctor.

Benefits Of Aloe Vera Water

When you consume an 8-ounce glass of aloe vera water, you’re usually taking in less than 70 calories. Astonishingly, however, you’re getting perhaps as much as 30 percent of your required daily value of vitamin C. Aloe vera also contains other essential nutrients like vitamin B12, copper and potassium – although it contains these things in very small quantities. The amount contained in the juice form is very low because water is added to make the final product.

Aloe vera juice also contains eight sugars that together form essential saccharides, according to researchers. These sugars don’t taste sweet and don’t immediately impact blood sugar as table sugar does. Aloe vera water is said to have 20 of the necessary 22 amino acids and 7 of the 8 that are considered most essential.

Many people drink aloe vera water because of its anti-inflammatory effect on the digestive system and its impact on heartburn and constipation. Some use it to help with inflammatory bowel disease. It can have a detoxifying effect on the bowels, reducing yeast and improving their overall function. It may also work as a gentle laxative.

Make Your Own Aloe Vera Water

Aloe vera water isn’t made in the same way as coconut water. Trendy coconut water is directly tapped from inside a young green coconut. The flesh isn’t used or refined in any way to make it. Aloe vera juice or water is made from the leaves of the aloe plant.

In fact, you can make it at home – although it’s much easier to let someone else do the hard work. The essential steps to make your own aloe vera water with an aloe plant, a spoon, and a blender include:

  • cutting a leaf from the plant and slicing it down the middle
  • scooping out the clear gel inside with a spoon, avoiding the yellow part which is an irritant
  • blending the resulting gel in the blender with water until smooth
  • flavoring with other juices like orange or grapefruit juice, if desired

Keep in mind if considering making your own aloe vera water that doing it wrong can create a beverage that irritates your intestines rather than soothing them. And making the juice wrong can eliminate some nutrients.

Not Just A Trend Like Coconut Water

You can decide for yourself whether you find consuming coconut water beneficial or not. While it’s trendy, some of its positive health impacts aren’t proven. Some of the positives of aloe vera water aren’t proven either.

Many people believe they have dramatically improved long-term health conditions by consuming aloe vera water, and there are few side effects from well-made products. Aloe vera water can also be surprisingly affordable. Some people even like the taste, which you may find similar to a very diluted lime beverage.

If you don’t know what to try next for your stomach concerns or other health issues, aloe vera water at least deserves your consideration. You may find it very beneficial.

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