4 Reasons To Choose A Heated Mattress Pad Over A Heated Blanket

Choosing between a heated blanket and a heated mattress pad may at first seem like a simple matter of personal preference. Both are great choices for staying warm in a cold room, and both can reduce your electric bill by allowing you to turn on less heat.

There’s a little bit more to it than that, however, as you might imagine. And all the details you need are here.

While you may be familiar with old-fashioned electric blankets — which the bedding industry prefers to call heated blankets now — you may not be aware of the availability of heated mattress pads.

For reasons of safety, economy, conservation and comfort, heated mattress pads can be the best way for you to stay warm on a cold winter’s night.

Here are four reasons you may prefer a heated mattress pad to an electric or heated blanket.

1. Waterproof heated mattress pads are available. For use on a child bed or in a household where there are pets prone to accidents, a waterproof heated mattress pad could be the best choice. According to the Electric Blanket Institute, there are no waterproof heated blankets on the market although there are some low-voltage models that reduce the risk of shock or electrocution if the blanket gets wet.

2. Electric mattress pads are much less likely to overheat than electric blankets. While modern heated blankets have a variety of protections in place to make them safer than ever, overheating is usually the result of folding, crumpling or bunching up the blanket. That’s never a problem with mattress covers because they stay flat.

3. Heated mattress covers are more energy efficient. Obviously, half the heat from an electric blanket radiates out into the room, but other bedding helps contain the heat from a mattress pad, keeping it in the bed where it does you some good. Both types of heated bedding are better than turning on more room heat, but the mattress pad is the best choice.

4. Heated blankets can be unattractive, and you don’t see heated mattress pads. If you’re concerned about how your bedding looks, heated mattress covers are out of sight. While electric blankets have come a long way in style and comfort, you can choose a heated mattress pad and then use whatever kind of blanket, bedspread or comforter you like on top of your bed.

While modern electric blankets are safe and will do a great job keeping your bed warm, a heated mattress pad could be a smarter choice for you.

Both are better than being cold, but a heated mattress pad may be just a little better than its close cousin the electric blanket.

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