3 Henna Beard Dye Products That Will Work For You

Henna beard dye won’t irritate your skin like chemical products, and you can get great, long-lasting results. But it helps a lot to use the right product. Before I offer you some simple and effective product recommendations, let me tell you a little about henna beard dye and how to use it most effectively.

Henna is actually a tropical or Old World shrub that grows in many places around the world, and native inhabitants in all those places use henna as dye — and have for centuries. In some parts of the world, the word “henna” is synonymous with dye. It’s just about the only thing used in many places for hair dye, and both men and women use it. It can’t be used to lighten hair, but it can give you many different colors on the red, brown and black scale.

Henna beard dye must be left in longer than chemical dyes, but the results are long-lasting. Henna will eventually wash away, however. That’s why many henna users only rinse their hair or beards instead of washing with harsh soaps. This makes the color last much longer.

Today, products are available that make henna easier to use than ever before. Some of these products add other ingredients, and some don’t.

Here are three henna beard dye choices that you may want to try:

1. Surya Brasil Henna Cream Dye

This product is designed for both men and women, although it’s marketing mostly to women. Like all henna products, it gives you a semi-permanent hair color. It also improves the quality and feel of your hair, making it shiny and more consistent in feel.

Guys who have used it for their beards say that they like the quality of the products — although the feminine marketing and packaging can be a bit of a turnoff. But remember that women usually demand quality in their hair care products, so using a henna beard dye that’s marketed toward women’s hair isn’t such a bad thing. You’re sure to get quality that way.

2. Harvest Moon Beard Dye

Not enough guys know about this product. It doesn’t really seem to be marketed at all. But Harvest Moon henna beard dye mixes up into a smooth paste that’s easier to apply than some other products. And there are no chemicals added, so you get a safe and irritation-free experience as well.

This product can be used to make your beard hair darker or to cover gray, but it can’t be used to lighten very dark hair to a more pleasing brown or red. No henna product can do that, and don’t believe any product claims from any company that suggests otherwise. This product is a great choice for people of all ethnicities, including white, African-American and Asian. It will easily cover any kind of hair.

3. Manly Guy Hair, Beard & Mustache Color

Promoted as being chemical-free, vegan and enriched with vitamins, this product also goes on as a paste for easy application. You simply add some water to the product, mix it up and apply. This is perhaps the most popular natural beard dye and is based on henna. There are no metals, preservatives or any additives at all.

There’s a reason this product is so well-respected among bearded men who want a Just For Men alternative. Chemical beard dyes can burn or irritate the skin — and can lead to really serious complications like swelling and allergic reactions. That can’t happen with henna beard dye, and this product has a history that proves it does a great job darkening a beard or covering gray.

So Which Henna Beard Dye Is Best?

You can’t really go wrong with any of these henna beard dyes. I’m inclined to like the Manly Guy product best, but that may just be a personal preference. The coverage and timing are about the same with all three products.

When you choose henna over chemicals, however, you’re making a smart decision. There are so many chemicals around us, and it just doesn’t make sense to spread some on your face. Instead, choose henna beard dye and color your beard and hair the way men and women have been doing it for centuries.

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